Video Gallery of CUCS
February 28, 2019 "Controversial History: The OUN and UPA in the Contemporary Memory Wars". Lecture by Myroslav Shkandrij. Watch the lecture...
September 25, 2018     "Study and Visit to Ukraine". Lecture by David and Rosemary Malaher. Watch the lecture...

September 20,2018

 "Setting Your Calendar On Indigenous or Ukrainian Standart Time". Lecture by Dr. Denis Hlynka, Dr. Frank Deer and Rev. Fr. Bozyk. Watch the lecture.

March 26, 2006

Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies 25th Anniversary Concert, St. John's College Chapel, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg:

          - Mazeppa by Balfe

          - The Unknown Koshetz

March 31, 2005     

"Canada's Enemy Aliens During World War I: The Predicament of Belonging"(Professor Michael and Dr. Iraida Tarnawecky Distinguished Lecture )

November 13, 2002               

"Ukrainian Immigration to Canada - Anthony Hnytka and the Third Wave 1940-1949" (Inauguration of the Tarnawecky Distinguished Lecture) 

January 28, 1981

 St. Andrew's College and University of Manitoba Affiliation Banquet


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