Program Overview and Resources
Physical Plant is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment at the University of Manitoba. To fulfill this commitment, Physical Plant has comprehensive and progressive safety and training program for internal staff facilitated through the in-house Health and Safety Program. The safety and training program consists of Safe Work Practices and Safe Job Procedures that focus on the overall safety and well-being of Physical Plant staff. In addition, the safety and training program either provides or arranges for staff training dependent on departmental needs.

For more information regarding the safety and training program, please contact Melissa Dzwonek, Safety and Training Coordinator (204-297-0776).


New Hire Orientation Form - To be completed by worker, supervisor, and safety and training coordinator in conjunction with training upon arrival of new personnel

Safe Job Procedure Template - For creating Safe Job Procedures

Safe Job Procedure Review Form - To be signed by employees following review of applicable Safe Job Procedures that do not have performance metrics associated with the procedure

Safe Job Procedure Review Form & Competency Check - To be signed by employees and initialed by supervisors following both verbal and hands-on review of applicable safe job procedures

Toolbox Talk Meeting Report and Sign-in Sheet - To be completed by employees and supervisor for toolbox talks

Respirator User Screening Form - To be completed by employee and supervisor and submitted to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety

Notice of Injury Form - To be completed by employee and supervisor following any accident, injury, or near miss

Accident/Incident Investigation Form - To be completed by supervisor following an accident/incident requiring investigation