Campus Floor Plans
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Buildings by Name Buildings by Number
55 Chancellors Circle (Fitzgerald) 011 Agriculture Building 
65 Dafoe (Desautels) 012 Agriculture Engineering Building 
137 Innovation Drive  014 Agriculture Lecture Block 
Active Living Centre  015 Animal Science/Entomology 
Administration Building  016 Animal Science Equipment Shed 
Agriculture Building  020 Crop Technology Centre 
Agriculture Engineering Building  021 T.K.Cheung Centre for Animal Research 
Agriculture Lecture Block  025 Plant Science Building 
Allen Physics Building  026 Grain Research Building 
Animal Science Equipment Shed  027 Dairy Science 
Animal Science/Entomology  028 Dairy Barn Art Studio 
Apotex Centre 031 Honey House 
Architecture 2 032 Overwintering Building 
Armes Lecture Building  033 Plant Science Chemical & Fertilizer Storage
Arthur Mauro Residence  034 Plant Science Canola Processing & Storage
ARTlab  037 Ellis Building 
"B" Lot Trailers  038 Plant Science Vegetable Storage Shed 
Basic Medical Sciences Building  039 Plant Science Field Stations 
Biological Science Building  040 Plant Science Seed Processing & Storage 
Botany Greenhouse  041 Plant Science Garages
Brodie Centre  047 Research Annex 
Buller Biological Building  050 Poultry Cage Laying House 
Campus Children's Centre  052 Poultry Service Building 
Campus Children's Centre (Addition) 053 Soil Science Equipment Shed 
Cast Building  054 Poultry Brooding & Growing House 
Central Energy Plant  062-064 Sea-Ice Environmental Research Facility (SERF)
Chancellors Hall  065 Straw Bale Building 
Chown Building  081 Human Ecology 
Crop Technology Centre  111 Fletcher Argue Building 
Dairy Barn Art Studio  113 Isbister Building 
Dairy Science  115 Tier Building 
Dentistry Building  117 Drake Centre 
Drake Centre  131 University College 
Duff Roblin Building  133 University College Residence 
Education Building  141 St. John's College 
EITC E1  142 Robert B. Schultz Theatre 
EITC E2  143 St. John's College Residence 
EITC E3  145 St. Paul's College 
Elizabeth Dafoe Library  146 Sinnott Building 
Elizabeth Dafoe Library Storage  147 St. Andrews College 
Ellis Building  151 Allen Physics Building 
Energy Research Lab 152 Armes Lecture Building 
Environmental Safety Building  153 Parker Chemistry Building 
Event Centre 154 Energy Research Lab 
Extended Education  155 Machray Hall
Fine Arts Annex  156 Wallace Building 
Fletcher Argue Building  157 Buller Biological Building 
Flood Pump House  158 Fine Arts Annex 
Frank Kennedy Centre  159 55 Chancellors Circle (Fitzgerald) 
Generator Bldg East  161 MIM (Manitoba Institute for Materials)
Generator Bldg North  165 High Performance Computing Lab 
Grain Research Building  167 Duff Roblin Building 
Helen Glass Centre  168 "B" Lot Trailers 
High Performance Computing Lab  171 Botany Greenhouse 
Honey House  191 Biological Science Building 
Human Ecology  201 Russell Building (Architecture)
IGF UM Bison Football  205 Cast Building 
Investors Group Athletic Center  211 Education Building 
Isbister Building  215 Migizii Agamik (Bald Eagle Lodge)
John Buhler Research Centre  231 EITC E1 
Joyce Fromson Pool  232 EITC E2 
Machray Hall 233 EITC E3 
Mary Speechly Hall  235 McQuade Structure Lab 
Max Bell Centre  237 Stanley Pauley Centre 
McQuade Structure Lab  238 Stanley Pauley Engineering Building
Medical Rehabilitation Building  251 Robson Hall 
Medical Services  261 Architecture 2
Migizii Agamik (Bald Eagle Lodge) 263 Sculpture/Ceramics Building 
MIM (Manitoba Institute for Materials) 271 65 Dafoe (Desautels)
Overwintering Building  283 Helen Glass Centre 
Parkade Bannatyne  284 Parkade Fort Garry 
Parkade Fort Garry  303 UMSU University Centre
Parker Chemistry Building 308 Active Living Centre 
Pathology Building  309 Frank Kennedy Centre 
Pembina Hall  310 Extended Education 
Pembina Hall Residence  311 Joyce Fromson Pool 
Physical Education Equipment Storage Building 315 Investors Group Athletic Center 
Physical Plant 316 Max Bell Centre 
Physical Plant Compound #1 317 University Stadium 
Plant Science Building  318 Physical Education Equipment Storage Building
Plant Science Canola Processing & Storage  320 IGF UM Bison Football 
Plant Science Chemical & Fertilizer Storage  321 Elizabeth Dafoe Library 
Plant Science Field Stations 322 Elizabeth Dafoe Library Storage 
Plant Science Garages  331 Administration Building 
Plant Science Seed Processing & Storage  334 Welcome Centre 
Plant Science Vegetable Storage Shed  339 Tache Arts Complex-T2
Poultry Brooding & Growing House  341 Tache Arts Complex 
Poultry Cage Laying House  343 ARTlab 
Poultry Service Building  345 Pembina Hall 
Research Annex  346 Pembina Hall Residence 
Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (RCFFN) 347 Mary Speechly Hall 
Robert B. Schultz Theatre  349 Arthur Mauro Residence 
Robson Hall  353 Chancellors Hall 
Russell Building(Architecture) 371 Campus Children's Centre 
Sculpture/Ceramics Building  372 Campus Children's Centre (Addition)
Sea-Ice Environmental Research Facility (SERF) 401 Dentistry Building 
Sinnott Building  424 Parkade Bannatyne 
Soil Science Equipment Shed  451 Medical Services 
St. Andrews College  453 John Buhler Research Centre 
St. John's College  454 Brodie Centre 
St. John's College Residence  456 Basic Medical Sciences Building 
St. Paul's College  457 Chown Building 
Stanley Pauley Centre  459 Medical Rehabilitation Building 
Stanley Pauley Engineering Building 461 Pathology Building 
Stores Building  462 Apotex Centre 
Straw Bale Building  603 Flood Pump House 
T.K.Cheung Centre for Animal Research  609 Physical Plant
Tache Arts Complex  610 Physical Plant Compound #1
Tache Arts Complex-T2  615 Central Energy Plant 
Tier Building  617 Stores Building 
Tunnel System  621 Generator Bldg East 
UMSU University Centre 622 Generator Bldg North 
University College  625 Environmental Safety Building 
University College Residence  625-629 Tunnel System 
University Stadium  950 William Norrie Centre 
Wallace Building  979 Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (RCFFN)
Welcome Centre  983 137 Innovation Drive
William Norrie Centre 985 Event Centre