Senate Committee on Honorary Degrees

Terms of Reference:

1. To recommend on policy and criteria to be employed in awarding honorary degrees and in holding special convocations;

2. To invite suggestions from members of the Board of Governors, Senate, University and Community Council, deans, directors and presidents of UMFA and UMSU;

3. To recommend candidates for honorary degrees for consideration by Senate;

4. To consider requests and make recommendations for special convocations at which honorary degrees are to be awarded;

5. To approve the naming or attribution of a part of a facility or building, and report thereon to Senate;

6. To recommend on the naming of an entire building of the University to Senate.


1. Chancellor - Chair

2. President - Vice-Chair

3. President of UMSU

4. President of Alumni Association

5. Four faculty members from Senate

6. One representative of the community at large to be appointed by the Chancellor (for a three-year term)

Amended by Senate April 5, 2000


Anne Mahon, Chair
Michael Benarroch, Vice-Chair



Shelley Foster