Senate Committee on Admissions

Terms of Reference:

1. To recommend to Senate on all matters relating to admissions to all undergraduate programs leading to a degree or diploma in the University. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, these matters shall include:

a) the minimum standards for admission and criteria for selection used by faculties and schools of the University;

b) the transfer of students between faculties and schools within the University and from other post-secondary institutions;

c) the admission of Mature Students;

d) the nomination of University representatives to serve on other bodies concerned with admission of post-secondary institutions and the consideration of reports or requests for recommendations from these bodies;

2. To approve on behalf of Senate those courses added to the high school program which will be used for admission, following receipt of a statement from the Department of Education;

3. To recommend to Senate upon requests by post-secondary institutions for "recognition" by the University of Manitoba in order to grant admission, and possibly advance standing, to students from those institutions.


1. Provost and Vice-President (Academic) (or designate), as Chair

2. Vice-Provost (Students) (or designate)

3. University Registrar and Executive Director of Enrolment Services

4. Deans of the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Science and the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences (or designates)

5. Two Deans of Faculties or Directors of Schools to be elected by Senate for three-year terms from faculties or schools other than the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science or the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences

6. Six members of the academic staff elected by Senate for three-year terms. Of the six, at least three shall be members of Senate. No two shall be from the same faculty or school

7. Three students

8. Deputy Minister of Education (or designate)

9. One counsellor from a senior high school to be nominated by the Manitoba School Counsellors' Association for a three-year term.

Amended by Senate July 8, 1992
Amended by Senate April 5, 2000
Revised by Senate November 5, 2014


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