Approved Teaching Centres
Effective Date:
May 13, 1970
Revised Date:
October 5, 1994
Review Date:
Approving Body:
Vice-President (Academic) and Provost
Applies to:
Deans/Directors/Department Heads

Centres of Instruction

The University approves the practice of establishing centres of instruction with authority to offer University of Manitoba courses in geographical areas other than the University itself.

Committee on Approved Teaching Centres

There shall be a standing committee of Senate charged with the responsibility of reporting and recommending to the Senate on all matters affecting such authorized teaching centres.

 The Committee shall concern itself with such matters as qualifications and teaching load of staff, academic load of students, suitability and availability of facilities for courses being offered by Approved Teaching Centres and at centres seeking approval.

Criteria for Approved Teaching Centres

  1. The aims and objectives of the Centre shall be compatible with the aims and objectives of the University.

    Academic freedom of faculty members is integral to the aims and objectives of the University. Therefore, a Centre whose aims and objectives are compatible with those of the University shall be expected to support the exercise of academic freedom by its faculty, and to guarantee academic freedom by the institution of an appeal procedure providing for final arbitration, by a disinterested party or committee, of any dismissal of a faculty member, and the non-renewal of the appointment of any full-time faculty member who has reason to believe that the non-renewal of his/her appointment is due to his/her exercise of academic freedom.

  2. That instructors offering courses at Approved Teaching Centres meet the qualifications laid down by the University Senate and be approved by the Department and the Faculty/School whose courses are being offered.

  3. Students at Approved Teaching Centres wishing credit for courses must comply with the admission requirements of the University, be officially accepted by the University and be registered for the courses for which they seek credit. The maximum number of credits shall not exceed 60 credit hours.

  4. Courses offered at an Approved Teaching Centre for credit towards a degree must be specifically approved by the Departments and Faculty/School concerned and may not constitute a complete major in any subject.

  5. Staff members and students at the Centre shall be governed in academic matters by the regulations laid down by the University Senate for staff and students at the University itself.

  6. The facilities available at the Centre must be satisfactory for the courses being offered.

  7. Courses offered in the Summer Session must be approved by the Committee on Summer and Evening Session and include only those courses approved for the regular session.


When an institution has been accepted as an Approved Teaching Centre, the first review of the relationship by the University of Manitoba Senate Committee on Approved Teaching Centres shall be conducted in the fifth year of the institution's relationship as an approved Centre. Thereafter, reviews shall normally be conducted every seven years.

Course and Instructor Approval

The following is the procedure to be followed for the approval of courses to be offered at the Approved Teaching Centres:

1. By November 1 an ATC must approach faculties/schools/ departments (via University Secretariat) if it intends to seek approval of any course not previously approved at that ATC. At this time, the ATC should submit a tentative course outline and description of course objectives for each course not previously approved for University of Manitoba credit.

The faculty/school/department will determine whether the ATC has the appropriate resources (e.g. library holdings, language lab, etc.) for the particular course(s), and whether the course outline sufficiently conforms to the faculty/school/department course description. If the faculty/school/ department requires additional information to make a judgement, it shall be the responsibility of the faculty/school/department to inform the ATC promptly of what is needed. The faculty/school/ department shall have the right to make a site visit and/or to interview relevant ATC personnel in order to reach a recommendation.

All ATC course/instructor approvals will be for one year at a time, but courses previously approved by faculties/schools/departments will not have to be submitted in the Autumn, unless a faculty/school/ department requests an ATC to submit information on particular courses. Faculties/schools/ departments have the right to request updated information (e.g. course syllabus, textbook and reading list, final exam, etc.) on any course previously approved, but should do so promptly to allow the ATC adequate time to respond.

2. Faculties/schools/departments shall report back to University Secretariat by November 30 on the ATC requests for tentative approval of new courses and on any previously-approved course(s) reconsidered. If a faculty/school/department cannot give tentative approval to an ATC request, the faculty/school/department shall inform the ATC in writing as to the reasons. Depending on the nature of the concerns of the faculty/school/department, the ATC may be able to make changes to satisfy the faculty/school/department. The Chair of the ATC may be called upon by the faculty/school/ department or by an ATC to make sure that Senate policies and procedures are clear to all parties.

3. By April 15, each ATC must submit a complete list of courses (including those that have been given tentative approval by faculties/schools/departments in the Autumn) and instructors to University Secretariat for recommendation by faculties/schools/departments and the SCATC for University of Manitoba credit for the following academic year.

Faculties/schools/departments should concern themselves primarily with the academic qualifications of proposed instructors at this time. ATCs should submit relevant information on any instructor not previously approved for a particular course. Faculties/schools/departments may request to interview proposed instructors, and may also request updated information on any instructor previously approved. Such requests should be made promptly to avoid delaying the approval process unnecessarily. Faculties/schools/departments should submit their recommendations on final approval of courses and instructors by May 15. After consideration by faculties/schools/departments and by the SCATC, course/instructor recommendations will then go to Senate for approval for University of Manitoba credit.

Approval of course instructors means that their qualifications are acceptable to the Department, and are in keeping with the qualifications expected of instructors within the Department for the same courses for which the ATC seeks approval. The Chair of the Committee on Approved Teaching Centres may be called upon for advice and assistance.

4.  It is necessary to bear in mind that once a course has been approved by Senate, the instructor at the Approved Teaching Centre shall have the same freedom as staff members of the Univesity Department, that is, he or she shall follow departmental policy in the setting and marking of examinations, the allotment and submission of term marks, and the submission of final papers to a Review Committee, etc. In this regard, Department Heads may find it advantageous to invite the instructor at the Approved Teaching Centre to attend Department meetings of the Committee of Instruction and Examiners.