University College
1.00 Establishment:

There shall continue to be a constituent college within The University of Manitoba known as University College.

2.00 Constitution:

Pursuant to section 34(1)(d) of the Act, Senate has approved the following Constitution of University College:

2.1 Premises and Facilities: University College shall occupy such premises and make use of such facilities as are provided by the University, these to include classrooms, staff offices, residence accommodation, and related services as authorized by the Board.
2.2 Membership:

College Membership shall be made up as follows:

  • Ex-officio: The Chancellor, the President, the Vice-Presidents of the University and the Dean of Arts;
  • The Officers of the College;All members of the Academic Staff of The University of Manitoba who have offices in the College premises as authorized by the College Council;
  • All bona fide University students who are enrolled in the College by authority of the College Council, with the provision that accommodation in the residence is not restricted to students in Arts and that the total student membership shall not exceed 750; and
  • Such Honorary Members as may be elected from time to time by the College Council.
2.3 College Council: Subject to powers elsewhere assigned to the Board and the Senate, the affairs of the College shall be administered under the authority of the College Council, made up as follows:
  • Ex-officio: The President and the Dean of Arts;
  • The Officers of the College;
  • Members of the Academic Staff whose offices are located in the college premises; and
  • Representatives of the University College student body.

2.4 Powers of the Council:

The powers of the Council shall include the following:

  • The right, subject to the plenary powers of the Board, to elect its own officers, define their duties, and fix their terms of office, provided that the President and the Dean of Arts shall be members of any committee empowered to nominate the Provost;
  • Subject to the provisions previously stated with respect to resident students and total enrolment, the right to establish the conditions for admission of student members both day and residential;
  • The right to determine which members of the Academic Staff of the University shall be provided with offices in the College premises;
  • The general direction and control of all affairs of domestic concern with the exception of regular Food Service;
  • The right to elect its own Chair, and determine the quorum and rules of procedure for its meetings; and
  • The right to establish and constitute the University College Students' Society.

2.5 Officers:

The officers of the College shall be the Provost, the Vice-Provost, the Registrar, and the Senior Advisor to Students. Their duties and terms of office shall be determined by the College Council.

2.6 Student Government:

Subject to powers reserved to others by the University Act and the General Bylaws of the University, student members of the College shall have the right to administer their own affairs within the College under Bylaws approved by the College Council.

2.7 Domestic and Other Non-Academic Affairs:

The Provost shall be consulted concerning all appointments to the domestic staff of the College. In particular, the duties and responsibilities of the caretaking and housekeeping staff, within the limits of the terms of their contract with the University, shall be determined and defined by the Provost.

Revised BOG January 28, 1999