Register For Courses

To begin your registration, log in to Aurora. Select Enrolment and Academic Records, then Registration. After that, you will have two ways to register.

Add or Drop Classes

If you know the course, section and CRN for the class you want to add, you may choose Add or Drop Classes. You will need to select the term for which you are registering. You will then see the Add or Drop Classes page, which provides instructions and an Add Classes Worksheet where you may type the CRN of the sections you wish to add. Read the instructions carefully before attempting to add sections. To process your registration requests you must click on the Submit Changes button.

If you would like to find more classes to add to your Add Classes Worksheet, click on the Get Courses link at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the Look Up Classes page. 

Course Drop Date – the last date to drop a course with a refund.
Course Add Date – the last date to add a course in the revision period.

The Course Drop Date is one working day prior to the Course Add Date. Refer to Important Dates and Deadlines.

Look Up Classes

If you need to search for classes, or you don’t know the CRN for the class, select Look Up Classes on the Registration menu. You must select a term.

(Note: if you selected Get Courses on the Add or Drop Classes page you will search for courses in the same term that was selected in the Add or Drop Classes page.)

Next, search for classes in the same way you would in the Class Schedule. You may search by course subject, course title, class type, part of term, attribute, day and time offered, or combination of these. For more information on searching for classes, refer to the Class Schedule information.

Enter your search by clicking Get Courses. Each course section listed will include:

CRN    (Course Registration Number)
Subj     (Subject)
Crse    (Course number)
Sec     (Section Number)
Cmp    (Campus)
Cred    (Credit Hours)
Title     (Course Title)
Days    (Days scheduled)
Time    (Time scheduled)
Cap     (Class Capacity)
Act      (Actual number of student enrolled in the class)
Rem    (Number of seats remaining in the class)
WL      (refers to Waitlists – Not in Use at U of M)
Date    (Start and End dates fo the course)

Beside each CRN you will see:

    • A Checkbox: Section is available for registration.
    • SR (Student Restriction): Check your registration eligibility and time
    • NR (No Registration): It is not your registration time, or the course registration period is over
    • C (Closed): Section is already full.
    Aurora Registration Codes 

    Once you have determined the course section you want to add, check the box beside the CRN. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page and either:

    1. click Register to add the course immediately;
    2. click Add to Worksheet if you would like to search for more classes.
      Continue to find more classes and add to your worksheet. Once you have entered all your course to your worksheet, click Submit Changes.

    Once the system has processed your requests it will show the course section that could be successfully processed, followed by an explanation for each of those which could not. Refer to the Registration Errors section for a description of the type of registration errors that may be encountered.

    Follow the links in Aurora Student to view your schedule, registration records, and fee assessment. Read these carefully to ensure the accuracy of your registration.

    Updated June 27, 2018