View Registration Eligibility Status

You may use Aurora to verify your eligibility to register for classes – this should be done in advance of your registration date.

Ability to register is dependent on four things:

  • whether you have any holds on your account
  • your Academic Standing
  • your Student Status
  • and your assigned registration time.  

Your registration eligibility

Read the messages on the Registration Time and Status page carefully; verify that you see 3 check marks - one for each of these items:

  • You must not have any holds
  • Your academic standing must permit registration
  • Your student status must permit registration

If there’s a yellow triangle beside any of these items, you won’t be able to register for courses:

  • Academic Standing or Student Status: If your Academic Standing or Student Status does not permit registration, you must speak to your faculty, school or program office: UndergraduateGraduate.
    See also: Returning to Study.
  • A Hold may be put in place for various reasons, and many of these affect your ability to register for courses - get more information about being places on "Hold Status".

While on this page, it’s also a good idea to verify your program information; this information is listed at the bottom of the page. Questions about your curriculum information should be directed to your faculty, school or program office: Undergraduate, Graduate.