Treatment of Official Documents

Acceptable Documents for Assessment

For initial assessment purposes only, unofficial transcripts (uploaded to your UMGradConnect application) are acceptable and preferred.

Please Note: Official transcripts will only be required by the Faculty of Graduate Studies if you are recommended for admission. The applicant will be notified as such through the issue of a provisional admission letter.

If you are provisionally admitted, official transcripts, degree certificates and translations, must come from the Main Records Office of the issuing institution in a sealed and endorsed (stamped across the back flap) envelope before final admission can be granted. Official copies of your transcripts, degree certificates and/or translations are typically required within one month of your letter of offer.

Please be aware, that in the case of the “International Graduate Student Entrance Scholarship”, applicants will need to submit official copies of their documents (as described above) to be considered for the award. Note: applicants that submit notarized copies or official copies that do not arrive in a sealed envelope (as described below) will not be considered for the scholarship.

Receipt of Documents
for Applications

It is very important that the Faculty of Graduate Studies can determine where documents were sent from and by whom (especially for transcripts and reference letters). If the Faculty of Graduate Studies cannot determine the origin of these documents, the applicant will be required to request the documents be sent again. This may cause undue frustration and financial strain for the applicant. Below are the steps pertaining to the procedure used in the Faculty of Graduate Studies office when documents are received, and it is requested that the Departments follow this procedure to avoid potential difficulties if they are in receipt of any application materials within their office: 

  • The individual envelope is opened and stapled to the documents that were inside (please staple rather than use paper clips as the documents and envelope can easily come apart if using clips).
  • The top page of the stapled package is dated with the date the document is received.
  • Beneath the date, it is noted whether or not the envelope arrived sealed or opened when it initially arrived.
  • Whoever opened the document includes their initial beneath the date and comment so the Faculty of Graduate Studies knows who to ask if there are any questions regarding how the document was received.
  • The mailing envelope (or courier envelope) in which the application was received is kept with the application as is it may be used as a record for a complete mailing address.

Please remember that all documents submitted in support of an application become the property of the University of Manitoba and may not be returned. This includes copies of the documents.