Design Engineering Books

Many people think of Engineering as a profession shrouded in mathematics and complex science. As a result, "engineering" books have never been included on the best sellers list in most bookstores. But some authors have written books about engineers, Engineering and the things that affect the profession with a non-technical audience in mind. The list that follows features some of those books. We recommend them for your consideration.

Definition of the engineering method.
Koen, B.V. 1985 American Society for Engineering Education, Washington, DC.

Design paradigms: Case histories of error and judgement in Engineering.
Petroski,H. 1994 Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

Engineering in the ancient world.
Landels,J.G. 1978 The University of California Press, Berkeley, CA.

Flying buttresses, entropy, and O-rings, the world of an engineer.
Adams,J.S. 1991 Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA.

Invention and evolution: design in nature and engineering.
French,M. 1994 Cambridge University Press. Cambridge, UK.

Invention by design: How engineers get from thought to thing.
Petroski,H. 1996 Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA.

Mind, heart, and vision. Professional engineering in Canada 1887 to 1987.
Ball,N.R. 1987 National Museum of Science and Technology/National Museums of Canada, Ottawa, ON.

Remaking the world: adventures in engineering.
Petroski,H. 1997 Random House of Canada Ltd. Toronto, ON.

Structures, or why things don’t fall down.
Gordon,J.E. 1978 Penguin Books Canada Ltd., Markham, ON.

Taming the tiger, the struggle to control technology.
Rybczynski,W. 1983 Penguin Books Canada Ltd., Markham, ON.

The civilized engineer.
Florman,S.C. 1987 St. Martin’s Press, New York, NY.

The engines of our ingenuity. An engineer looks at technology and culture.
Lienhard,J. 2000 Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK.

The existential pleasures of engineering.
Florman,S.C. 1976 St. Martin’s Press, New York, NY.

The Ingenuity Gap.
Homer-Dixon, T. 2001 yes"> Vintage Canada Edition

The innovators. The engineering pioneers who made America modern.
Billington,D.P. 1996 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. New York, NY.

The introspective engineer.
Florman, S.C. 1996 yes"> St. Martin’s Press, New York, NY. The mediaeval builder and his methods.
Andrews,F.B. 1992 Dorset Press, New York, NY.

The new science of strong materials, or why you don’t fall through the floor.
Gordon,J.E. 1976 Penguin Books Canada Ltd., Markham, ON.

The pencil: A history of design and circumstance.
Petroski,H. 1990 Alfred A. Knopf, New York, NY.

To engineer is human: the role of failure in successful design.
Petroski,H. 1985 St. Martin’s Press, New York, NY.