BEd Practicum - Forms

Most of these documents are in Adobe Acrobat format. You can download the latest version of Acrobat Reader from If you have difficulties installing or using Adobe Acrobat, please contact the UM Service Desk.

Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP)
This fillable form is used to identify concerns and describe accommodations a Teacher Candidate may require to help them be successful in B.Ed. practicum courses. The form will be completed by the SEO Director in consultation with the Teacher Candidate and UM Student Accessibility Services. 

Teacher Candidate Profile
This fillable form is completed by Teacher Candidates at the start of each practicum course. The completed form provides School Administration at your practicum school with information about the experiences you are hoping to have during practicum.

Practicum Expectations Checklist: Week One and Mondays

This checklist identifies the specific information Teacher Candidates need to gather about their practicum school. TCs gather this information in the first week of school (for practicum courses in the Fall term) and on practicum Mondays.

Professional Action and Learning Plan (PALP) (MS Word)
This fillable form is completed by all Teacher Candidates before beginning Practicum 3 and Practicum 4. The completed form provides a concise summary of a TCs strengths, challenges, and specific strategies for continued growth.

Formative Report (MS Word)
The Formative Report form is completed by the Practicum Advisor (PA). Formative evaluation is an opportunity to provide the Teacher Candidate (TC) with support and feedback on their professional development.

Summative Evaluation of Practicum (MS Word)

This fillable form is completed by Practicum Advisors in consultation with the Teacher Candidate and Cooperating Teacher(s). The completed form is an evaluation of the TCs progress toward satisfying the practicum expectations for the course.  

Notification of Concern

This fillable form is completed by Practicum Advisors in consultation with the Teacher Candidate, Cooperating Teacher(s), School Administration and SEO Director. The completed form specifies areas of concern in the practicum, steps that must be taken to address those concerns, and a timeline for making adequate progress.

Peer Observation Sheet
Peer Observations are an introduction to collaborative conferencing and an opportunity for the TC to engage in professional dialogue about teaching and learning. Use the Peer Observation Sheet as a guide for discussion.