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Who can Apply

Requirements and Steps for Entering Co-op in the Faculty of Arts

Full-time students (enrolled in 9 credit hours per term), in good academic standing, enrolled in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Manitoba with 30 or more credit hours left to complete their program may apply.

  1. Contact the Faculty of Arts Co-op Coordinator/Office (preferably in the 2nd year of your program).
  2. Send your completed APPLICATION to
  3. Contact an Arts Advisor at to check  your academic requirments.
  4. Submit your completed application form, along with your current resume, to the Faculty of Arts Co-op Office by the deadline date.


    Admittance to the Faculty of Arts Co-op Program does not guarantee a job.
    Work Placements are dependent on availability.


Students are advised that satisfying the entrance requirements does not guarantee a work placement. Enrolment is limited and acceptance is based on university performance, availability of work term placements and employer interviews. Refer to the Academic Calendar for entry requirements. (Note: a minimum GPA of 2.00 for Labour Studies and 3.00 for Psychology is required to enter the Faculty of Arts Co-op Program).


Available Areas of Study

The following areas of study in the Faculty of Arts currently offer the Co-op program:

  • History
  • Labour Studies
  • Political Studies
  • Psychology


When to Apply

The deadline to apply for the Faculty of Arts Co-op Program is September 25, 2020. Admission to the Faculty of Arts Co-op Program is based on academic performance, completion of required courses and other factors. The first work term may begin in January or in May. Students must successfully complete the equivalent of three work terms to receive the Co-op designation on their degree.



With the Co-op option, regular 4-year programs are completed over five years to allow students the time to complete three work terms. Each work term is completed within a 4-month period beginning in January, May or September. Beginning in their third year of Arts studies, Co-op students alternate four month academic terms with 4-month work terms relevant to their field of study.


Co-operative education relies upon a three-way partnership between
students, employers and the university.


Once students have been accepted into the Faculty of Arts Co-op Program, they are required to attend a series of workshops designed to help them be successful as they enter the professional work force. They are then ready to go through the placement process.

During each term, the placement process is carried out for the next term.

Early in the Term:

  • Potential employers are invited to recruit Arts Co-op students for the following work term (e.g. January for May).
  • Students ensure their resume and transcripts are current for the upcoming work term.

Throughout the Term:

  • Available Arts Co-op positions are posted and students submit applications directly to the Faculty of Arts Co-op Office. Applications will consist of a cover letter, resume and students history or web transcript.
  • Applications for posted positions are forwarded to the employers.
  • Employers notify the Faculty of Arts Co-op Office regarding the students they wish to interview or, in some cases, they may contact the students directly.
  • Students attend job interviews either at the work place or on campus. Interviews may also be conducted by phone/video conference for positions outside Winnipeg.
  • Employers decide whom they wish to hire. Offers of employment are made either through the Faculty of Arts Co-op Office or directly to the successful candidate (student).
  • Students reply to the Faculty of Arts Co-op office, either accepting or declining their position. Students are expected to respond to offers of employment within 48 business hours.

End of the Term:

  • Students who have succeeded in securing a Co-op work placement complete required paperwork to register for the work term as a course and pay the required fee.

Work terms will add 12 months of career-related experience to an academic program. Students are advised to plan their program over a 2-year period, to ensure they obtain all required academic and Co-op requirements.


The Benefits

The benefits of being enrolled in a Co-op Education Program are many:

  • Receive 12 months of work experience in a professional setting
  • Get exposure to the latest ideas, techniques and equipment
  • Earn income which may help to defray the cost of education
  • Enhance academic studies
  • Gain valuable employment references and contacts
  • Discover areas of interest in a field before graduation
  • Develop interpersonal skills in a work setting
  • Receive career guidance and recommendations for improvements on job performance
  • Gain confidence in abilities and competence in field of study
  • Produce a professional resume and refine interview skills
  • Develop the ability to communicate effectively in a logical, clear and concise manner


Program Requirements

Students admitted to the Faculty of Arts Co-op Program will be required to:

  • Ensure that all academic requirements of their degree are met. Students must inform the Faculty of Arts Co-op Office of anything that may affect their status. (A minimum GPA must be maintained).
  • Read the Co-op Student Handbook and adhere to all Co-op guidelines and deadlines.
  • Attend all mandatory Co-op meetings, seminars and scheduled interviews.
  • Maintain an active U of M email account at all times.
  • Review their email frequently for notices from the Faculty of Arts Co-op Office.
  • Ensure their resumes and cover letters are professional in appearance and effective as marketing tools.
  • Conduct their own independent job search, informing the Faculty of Arts Co-op Office of contacts they have made.
  • Apply for an appropriate number of jobs.
  • Pay all work term and course fees.
  • Follow all employer policies and procedures.
  • Work to full capacity during work terms.
  • Represent the Faculty of Arts Co-op Program in a professional and ethical manner.
  • Submit all required Co-op forms and reports on time.
  • Inform the Faculty of Arts Co-op Office of any changes to their address or phone number.


Work Term Requirements

Students must successfully complete a minimum of three 4-month work terms to obtain a Co-op designation on their degree. Students register for each work term as a University course and must receive a passing grade (P/F) for all three work terms. Each report must meet the guidelines provided by the program. Students who have failed to achieve a passing grade are required to withdraw from the Co-op Program.

Each student must complete a work term report at the end of each work term. The work term report fulfils the academic requirement for each work term. Students are evaluated on their ability to communicate effectively in writing through the clear, logical and concise presentation of a topic related to their work experience. Each report is due after the work term is completed on a date set by the Faculty of Arts Co-op Office. Reports are graded by a Faculty member from each department, resulting in a grade of pass or fail.

Each work term requires a student to:

  • Work full-time for a minimum of 35 hours per week for 14 to 16 weeks completing the work assigned to them to the satisfaction of their employer.
  • Complete a questionnaire with the Faculty of Arts Co-op Coordinator during a site visit mid-way through the work term.
  • Submit a completed work term evaluation form and work term report to the Faculty of Arts Co-op Office at the end of each work term.


International Students

International students are welcome to apply for the Faculty of Arts Co-op Program. If accepted, international students must:

  • Obtain a Work Authorization Permit application from the Work Opportunities for Foreign Students page of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website. Download the Application to Change Conditions, Extend My Stay or Remain in Canada Form and the Checklist. This permit allows international students to participate in off-campus cooperative education employment.
  • Request a letter from the Faculty of Arts Co-op Office detailing the conditions of Co-op participation and employment. This letter will ask that the Work Authorization Permit be valid until the completion of all three Co-op work terms. It must be included in the above application package.
  • Submit the entire package immediately to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, using the correct address provided by the Faculty of Arts Co-op Office. It can take up to 2 months to process Work Authorization Permit applications.
  • Students must have a valid study permit to apply for a Co-op work permit.
  • There is no fee for Work Permit applications within internship or co-op programs.
  • A copy of the Work Authorization Permit must be submitted to both the work term employer and the Faculty of Arts Co-op Office prior to the commencement of each work term.
  • Canadian federal government policy dictates that international students are only allowed to work for federal departments and agencies if no qualified Canadian students are available. No international students may apply for federal government Co-op positions in the regular recruitment process, unless otherwise indicated on the job posting, and must indicate their international student status in their cover letter. No international students will be considered for those jobs requiring secret security clearance within the federal government.


Contact Us

Faulty of Arts Co-op Office
304 Tier Building

Angela Faulkner, Faculty of Arts Co-op Coordinator

Contact Us

Faculty of Arts Co-op Office
304 Tier Building

Angela Faulkner
Faculty of Arts Co-op Coordinator



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