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What is Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes. It is also the profession that applies the accumulated knowledge of this science to practical problems.


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Important Contact People:


Dr. Launa Leboe-McGowan, Acting Head (Undergraduate)
Email: Launa.Leboe-McGowan@umanitoba.ca
Tel: (204) 474-7326
Office: P430 Duff Roblin Bldg


Rebekka Krahn
P435A Duff Roblin Bldg.
Email: psychugadvisor@umanitoba.ca
Phone: (204) 474-6982 (w/ voicemail)

These advisors can provide useful advice and information about your academic program, including information about course selections, preparing for and being accepted into graduate programs, careers in psychology and related fields, obtaining special permission to enter courses for which you lack the prerequisite(s), and making the most of your undergraduate training.


Faculty of Arts students who are enrolled in the Psychology Honours program and Faculty of Science students who are enrolled in any Major or Honours undergraduate program in Psychology must obtain approval from the Associate Head, Undergraduate Studies or the Undergraduate Student Advisor for their course selections and any changes to their class schedule

Office hours for the Associate Head, Undergraduate Studies and the Undergraduate Student Advisor can be found HERE or posted by the General Office and elevators in the Duff Roblin.