The Department of Psychology Teaching Award
Call for Nominations

The Department of Psychology has established a Teaching Award to recognize outstanding psychology teachers. All academic staff with faculty rank in the Department of Psychology are eligible for the award.

The Teaching Evaluation Committee of the Department of Psychology invites students and faculty to nominate academic staff for this award by completing a confidential nomination form. Nomination forms can be picked up from outside the Main Office in the Duff Roblin Building or from the following link:

Click here to fill out and print a nomination form (PDF)

Submit completed forms to the Psychology Main Office in the Duff Roblin Building or Mail to:

    Jamie McMillan
    Assistant to the Department Head
    Department of Psychology,
    P406 Duff Roblin Building,
    University of Manitoba,
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 2N2

*currently, nominations should be submitted via email to

Nominations are encouraged and accepted year-round. The Psychology Department Teaching Award is awarded in the spring of each year.

Past Teaching Award Recipients

2020-2021:Wan Wang
2019-2020: Kristen Reynolds
2018-2019: Dr. Ryan Giuliano
2017-2018: Dr. Matt Keough
2016-2017: Dr. Marian Morry
2015-2016: Dr. Johnson Li
2014-2015: Dr. George Bednarczyk
2013-2014: Dr. Maria Medved
2012-2013: Dr. Janine Montgomery
2011-2012: Dr. Gerry Sande
2010-2011: Dr. Dan Bailis
2009-2010: Dr. Steve Hladkyj
2008-2009: Dr. Corey Mackenzie
2007-2008: Dr. Jessica Cameron
2006-2007: Dr. Jason Leboe
2005-2006: Dr. Wendy Freeman
2004-2005: Dr. Jakobson
2003-2004: Dr. Tammy Ivanco
2001-2002: Dr. Garry Martin and Dr. James Nickels
2000-2001: Dr. Marianne Johnson
1999-2000: Dr. James Shapiro
1998-1999: Dr. Gerry Sande