Algonquian and Iroquoian Linguistics Memoirs

The Algonquian and Iroquoian Linguistics Memoirs series features critical editions of texts as well as dictionaries, grammars, and related materials on Algonquian and Iroquoian (and in one case Athabaskan) languages.  The series is more flexible in content and in timing the the Algonquian Text Society Publications series.  Volumes in this series include (those listed without prices are out of print):

Vol Title (specifics) Price
1 Essays in Algonquian Bibliography in Honour of V.M. Dechene (edited by H.C. Wolfart; 1984; pp. [vii],78; 0-921064-01-2) --
2 kiskinahamawâkan-âcimowinisa / Student Stories (written [in Plains Cree] by Cree-speaking students; edited, translated and with a glossary by Freda Ahenakew; 1986; pp. [vii], 76; second edition, 1989; pp. [vii],91; 0-921064-02-0) --
3 Tuscarora Roots, Stems, and Particles: Towards a Dictionary of Tuscarora (by Blair A Rudes; 1987; pp. [vi], 380; 0-921064-03-9) --
4 náévåhóo'xhtséme / We Are Going Back Home: Cheyenne History and Stories Told by James Shoulderblade and Others (edited by Wayne Leman; 1987; pp. [xvi],436; 0-921064-04-7) $48
5 pisiskiwak kâ-pîkiskwêcik / Talking Animals (told [in Swampy Cree] by L Beardy; edited and translated by H C Wolfart; 1988; pp. xxiii,90; 0-921064-05-5)    
6 Kickapoo Vocabulary (by Paul H Voorhis; 1988; pp. [vii],205; 0-921064-06-30 --
7 The Micmac Grammar of Father Pacifique (translated and retranscribed by John Hewson and Bernard Francis; 1990; pp. [iv],xi,280; 0-921064-07-1 ) --
8 Linguistic Studies Presented to John L Finlay (edited by H C Wolfart; 1991; pp. [vii],190; 0-921064-08-X) $30
9 Concerning the League: The Iroquois League Tradition as Dictated in Onondaga by John Arthur Gibson (newly elicited, edited and translated by Hanni Woodbury in collaboration with Reg Henry and Harry Webster, on the Basis of A A Goldenweiser's manuscript; 1992; pp. lxi,755; 0-921064-09-8) Winner of the 1994 SSILA Book Award (in the US, this volume is distributed by Syracuse University)  
10 Wiyot Handbook I: Glossary and Concordance (by Karl V Teeter & John D Nichols; 1993; pp. vii,423; 0-921064-10-1) $60
11 Wiyot Handbook II: Interlinear Translation and English Index (by Karl V Teeter & John D. Nichols; 1993; pp. vii,315; 0-921064-11-X) $50
  Volumes 10 and 11 (Wiyot Handbook I & II) may be ordered as a set for a special price: $90
12 Leonard Bloomfield's Fox Lexicon: Critical Edition (edited by Ives Goddard; 1994; pp. [v],296; 0-921064-12-8) --
13 nikotwâsik iskwâhtêm, pâskihtêpayih! Studies in Honour of H C Wolfart (edited by John D Nichols & Arden C Ogg; 1996; pp. [x],490; 0-921064-13-6) $40
14 Ninoontaan / I Can Hear It: Ojibwe Stories from Lansdowne House Written by Cecilia Sugarhead (edited, translated and with a glossary by John O'Meara; 1996; pp. [xxxiii],224; 0-921064-14-4) --
15 The Student's Dictionary of Literary Plains Cree, Based on Contemporary Texts (by H C Wolfart & Freda Ahenakew; 1998; pp. [xiii],425; 0-921064-15-2)  
16 Essays in Algonquian, Catawban and Siouan Linguistics in Memory of Frank T Siebert, Jr (edited by Blair A Rudes & David J Costa; 2003; pp. ix,296; 0-921064-16-0) $40
17 A Grammar of Dëne Suliné (Chipewyan) (by Eung-Do Cook; 2004; pp. [xxvi],454; 0-921064-17-9) Special Athabaskan volume $70
18 The Autobiography of a Meskwaki Woman: A New Edition and Translation (edited and translated by Ives Goddard; 2006; pp. [iv],224; 0-921064-18-7)   $40

The Owl Sacred Pack: A New Edition and Translation of the Meskwaki Manuscript of Alfred Kiyana (edited and translated by Ives Goddard; 2007; pp. [vi],239; 0-921064-19-5)

20 A Grammatical Study of Innu-aimun Particles (by Will Oxford; 2008; pp. [xii],301; 978-921064-20-6) $40

piko kîkway ê-nakachitât: kêkêk otâcimowina ê-nêhiyawastêki. [She can do anything: the reminiscences of Cecilia Mususkapoe, published in Cree] (by HC Wolfart êkwa Freda Ahenakew, 2010; pp.[vi], 178, 978-0-921064-21-3




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