History of Edmund G. Berry Lectures

2019       'I am Antony Yet': Reading Mark Antony's Mail
Jeffrey Tatum, Victoria University of Wellington


2018       Race and Citizenship in Roman Law and Administration
Clifford Ando, University of Chicago


2017       Building for Eternity: Investigating the Secrets of Roman Marine Concrete
John P. Oleson, University of Victoria


2016       The Botany of Death
John Bodel, Brown University 


2015       Epicurean Vergil
Alison Keith, University of Toronto


2014       Socrates Aesopicus: Socrates’ Swan Song in Plato’s Phaedo
John Harris, University of Alberta


2013       The End of Sacrifice 
Brent Shaw, Princeton University


2012       Gears for the Greeks
Alexander Jones, New York University


2011       Laid Out For Posterity: A Roman Tombstone Carved With a Child's Portrait and His Poem
Kathleen Coleman, Harvard University


2010       Making History Personal: Constantine Cavafy and the Rise of Rome 
Bruce Frier, University of Michigan


2009       The Fall (or not) of Rome: What Counts as Civilization 

Gillian Clark, University of Bristol


2008       Education in Greek and Roman Antiquity: The Papyri versus the Literary Sources
Raffaella Cribiore, Columbia University


2007       Nature as Healer in Ancient Greek Medicine
Paul Potter, University of Western Ontario


2006       Roman Historians and the Truth 
John Yardley, University of Ottawa


2005       The Genesis, Character, and Influence of Erasmus' Adagia
John Grant, University of Toronto


2004       From Mystery to History:  The Garamantes of the Libyan Sahara
David Mattingly, University of Leicester 


2003       The Odyssey's Odyssey
David F. Bright, Emory University


2002       The Earliest Signs of a Christian Material Culture: The Codex, the Nomina Sacra, the Staurogram
Larry W. Hurtado, University of Edinburgh


2001       Plato and the Fates of His Books
Mark Joyal, Memorial University of Newfoundland


2000       Getting to Heaven - The Mithraists' Way
Roger Beck, University of Toronto


1999       Chasing Roman Soldiers From Turkey to Syria & Palestine and Back

James Russell, University of British Columbia


1998       Nationalism and Archaeology: Roman Africa and Germany Compared

Colin M. Wells, Trinity University, Texas

1997       Michael Ventris and an Architect's Plan for the Decipherment of Linear B

Thomas G. Palaima, University of Texas at Austin


1996       Married with Children: The Structure and Dynamics of the Roman Family
Jo-Ann Shelton, University of California, Santa Barbara


1995       Goddesses, Whores, Vampires & Archaeologists: Ten Years of Excavation at Mytilene (Lesbos)
Hector Williams, University of British Columbia


1994       Three Ways to Understand the Middle Ages: The Historiographical, The Narrative,

And The Biographical
Norman Cantor, New York University


1993       The Oldest City in Western Europe: The Foundation and Early History of Marseille
A. Trevor Hodge, Carleton University


1992       Honour and Shame and the Unity of the Roman World

Susan Treggiari, Sanford University


1991       Vergil's Aeneid and J.M.W. Turner's Flaming Fields

Alexander Gordon McKay, McMaster University


1990       A Medical Career in the Roman Empire: Galen of Pergamun
John Scarborough, University of Wisconsin


1989       The Origins of the Alphabet
George P. Goold, Yale University