Areas of Specialization

The expertise of departmental faculty covers a broad disciplinary range: Greek and Roman art and archaeology, history and historiography, and Greek and Latin languages and literatures. Prior to application, students are advised to contact at least one potential advisor from among the members of the Faculty of Graduate Studies in the department. This communication should include discussion of the student's area(s) of interest (e.g. Philology, Ancient History, Archaeology) and undergraduate training. Although every attempt is made to tailor the M.A. program to the particular interests and needs of the individual student, students with interest in the following topics and areas are especially encouraged to apply:

Material Culture

  • Greek art and archaeology (Lawall)
  • Late antiquity (Stirling)
  • Manuscript studies (Joyal)
  • Papyrology (Sampson)
  • Pottery in Classical archaeology (Lawall)
  • Roman art and archaeology (Stirling)
  • Roman statuary (Stirling)
  • Transport amphoras (Lawall)

Language and Literature

  • Ancient biography (Chlup)
  • the ancient novel (Nau)
  • Classical tradition (Joyal)
  • Epic poetry (Nau)
  • Greek lyric poetry (Egan, Sampson)
  • Greek prose and literature (Joyal)
  • Greek and Roman tragedy (Sampson)
  • Greek tragedy and Old comedy (Egan)
  • Historical semantics (Egan)
  • Latin love elegy (Chlup)
  • Mythography (Egan)
  • Mythology, especially Theban myth (Nau)
  • Textual criticism and Greek palaeography (Joyal)
  • Vergil (Egan)

Ancient History

  • the Ancient economy (Lawall)
  • Ancient military manuals (Chlup)
  • Greek and Roman education (Joyal)
  • Intellectual history and Ancient philosophy (Joyal)
  • Middle and Late Republican history (Chlup)
  • Roman cemeteries (Stirling)
  • Roman historians (Chlup)
  • Roman North Africa (Stirling)


  • Ethics and Classical scholarship (Sampson)
  • History of Classical scholarship (Joyal)
  • Pedagogical approaches to the Classics (Nau)