About the CDSS
The Centre for Defence and Security Studies (CDSS) was established by the Senate of the University of Manitoba in 1993 based upon the Programme in Strategic Studies which was established in 1986 on the reception of the first grant from the Canadian Department of National Defence's Military and Strategic Studies (MSS) Programme. The Centre is Canada's major defence research centre of the Prairies (from Lakehead to the Alberta border) attracting both scholars and students to the study of defence and international security studies. As Winnipeg is the home of the Royal Canadian Airforce and the Canadian NORAD Regional Headquarters, the CDSS serves as an important resource for the Canadian Armed Forces here in Manitoba. Whether it is the lectures CDSS fellows deliver to Barker College or to reserve units, or programming for serving military to complete their undergraduate or graduate degrees, the CDSS has a unique relationship with 17 Wing, Barker College, 1 CAD and 2 CAD.

The CDSS' main areas of research are the defence of North America, NORAD, NATO and Canadian defence policy. For more information, email cdss@umanitoba.ca or find us on Twitter @CDSSUofM