James Fergusson

Professor (PhD British Columbia)

Field of Specialization: International Relations

Research Interests:

  • Strategic Studies
  • Methodology and Statistical Studies on Voting Behaviour
  • American Government

Selected Publications

  • James Fergusson. “The NORAD Conundrum: Canada, Ballistic Missile Defence and Military Space”. International Journal. Summer 2015
  • Kawser Ahmed, James Fergusson and Alex Salt. Perceptions of Muslim Faith, Ethno-Cultural Community Based and Student Organizations in Countering Domestic Terrorism in Canada. Reviewed Research Report. Vancouver: Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Society and Security. 2014.
  • Andrea Charron and James Fergusson. NORAD in Perpetuity: Challenges and Opportunities. Report of NORAD Research Project funded by Department of National Defence. Winnipeg: Centre for Defence and Security Studies. 2014.
  • James Fergusson. “ Super Soldier: Human Performance Enhancement and the Canadian and American Soldier” in F(e)asting Fitness: Cultural Images, Social Practices, and Histories of Food and Health. A Fe(a)stchritt in honour of Wolfgang Kloss. Annekatrin Metz, Markus Muller and Lutz Showwalter. Eds. Trier: WVT Wissenschaflicher Trier. 2013.
  • James Fergusson. “The RCAF in 2025: At Crossroads” Canadian Forces in 2025. Jack Granatstein. ed. Calgary: Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute. 2012

  • Fergusson, James. Canada and Ballistic Missile Defence,1954-2009: Déjà vu all over again. Canadian War Museum Studies in Military History. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press. 2010.





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