Requisition to Destroy Records

The Requisition to Destroy Records (RDR) is used to ensure the authorized, controlled and documented destruction of University records once they have met their retention period (according to approved Records Authority Schedules).

The RDR ensures controlled disposal of records by:

  • disposing of records according to established policies (Records Authority Schedules); 
  • documenting approved destruction of University records; and
  • maintaining a record of destruction.

RDR Procedures:

1. Fill out the Requisition to Destroy Records (RDR) form.*

If the records do not fall under an approved Records Authority Schedule, or if you are not sure if current schedules are in place for your area's records, contact the Access and Privacy Office at or 204-474-7559.

2. Return the completed RDR form to the Access and Privacy Office at An RDR number will be assigned to the form by the Access and Privacy Office.

3. Once the RDR form is processed and approved, a copy will be returned to for your records.

4. Proceed with the destruction of records (see "Document Disposal").

*A separate RDR must be completed for each series of records to be destroyed. 


Last Updated: February 14, 2020

Requisition to Destroy Records (RDR)

Document Disposal


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