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How to Hire a Co-op Student

Important Recruiting Dates 

SUMMER WORK TERM ( approximately from May - August 2020 - note, a student may start working as late as June, 22, 2020)
There are still co-op students available for the summer work term!

We are currently accepting job postings on the Asper Career Portal, and will continue to do so until all students are placed.

FALL WORK TERM (September - December 2020)
* NEW! Important Changes to Fall 2020 Co-op Recruitment*

Co-op students are available to work this Fall!

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, our structured recruitment process that includes on-campus interviews and a rank/match process with structured timelines unfortunately won’t be feasible.  We have temporarily implemented a “continuous placement model” which will better support both the needs of our valued employer partners and co-op students during these unprecedented times.

How Continuous Placement Works:

Flexible timelines to post positions and conduct interviews
             You decide when to post and when your job closes
               •    Post positions on the
Asper Career Portal
               •    Interview candidates as applications are received or wait until the job posting
                    expires, it’s your choice

               •    Keep in mind students are actively job searching and may secure  a job with
                    another organization at anytime

             You decide When to interview
               •    Conduct interviews virtually (preferred) by video or phone (in-person interviews at
                     company office permitted if public health standards are followed)

               •    Contact students directly to arrange a suitable meeting time

Make employment offers directly to students
No rank/match process or ranking forms
Allow students a minimum of 48 hours to respond (accept or decline)
Update the co-op office once a student has accepted your offer

Check out government Tax Incentives & Wage Subsidies for hiring students and stay up to date by referencing the COVID-19 Employer FAQs

Questions? Contact us:
Meredith Bara, Co-op Coordinator,, 204-474-6673
Holly Klann, Co-op Coordinator,, 204-474-8118
Nicole Anderson, Co-op Administrator,, 204-474-8521
Kelly Mahoney. Co-op Program Director,, 204-474-6548

Co-op Job Posting Requirements

Before posting a co-op position, please ensure your job meeting the following posting criteria:

  • Full time (minimum 35 hours per week)
  • Paid (competitive salary for level of the position - the average salary for a co-op student is approx. $18.00/hr. - view average salary statistics by major)
  • Duration or length is approximately 4 consecutive months
  • Start date aligns with the recruitment timelines (i.e. positions begin each term in September, January or May)
  • The student should be engaged in meaningful work that is relevant to a business major and provides an opportunity for further development and learning.

2019 Instructions for Rank/Match Student Hiring Process





Contact a Member of the Co-op Team

Meredith Bara
Coordinator, Co-operative Education Program
Phone: (204) 474-6673

Holly Klann
Coordinator, Co-operative Education Program
Phone: (204) 474-8118

Nicole Anderson
Administrator, Co-operative Education Program
Phone: (204) 474-8521

Kelly Mahoney
Director, Co-operative Education Program
Phone: (204) 474-6548