International GPA Calculations

Admissions and Awards

The following is a general method for calculating G.P.A. used by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The department is free to calculate the G.P.A. in any way they see fit however, the student must still meet the minimum FGS requirements of 3.0 in the last 60 credit hours or last full two years of study by the method described below. To be considered for the International Graduate Student Entrance Scholarship, students will need to achieve a minimum of 3.5 in their last two full years of study.

All applicants require a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0 (B) or equivalent in their last 60 credit hours of study. In general, this is equivalent to 4 semesters of study or 2 years of study. This will depend on the education system of the university issuing the transcripts. In some cases, the whole degree program may need to be taken into consideration, as courses may not be broken into semesters or even years. Note that the last two years of study may be split between two degrees or institutes (e.g., one year of Master’s work plus the last year of Bachelor’s work).

The method of calculating the G.P.A. is to convert a grade into an equivalent University of Manitoba grade and then calculate as you would a U of M GPA. This method is used in order to create a more equal opportunity of admission for applicants. A listing of countries and their equivalent grading scales can be found on the International Equivalency Criteria web page. In addition, the same page provides information on previous degrees required for entrance into a graduate program. For example:

University of Manitoba
 A+  95-100%
 A   90-94%
 B+  85-89%
 B   80-84%
 C+  75-80%
 C   70-74%
 D   60-69%
 F   0-59%

Therefore, if the applicant completed 4 courses in China with final scores of 96%, 83%, 72% and71%, they would have the equivalent University of Manitoba grades of 1 A+, 1 B and 2 C’s. The G.P.A. would then be calculated as if calculating a University of Manitoba application.


Suggested tips:

Since credit hours systems differ across the world, the two-years of full-time study are not determined by credited hours (i.e. one would not count back 60 credit hours for international applicants). However, once the two years of study have been defined, a weighted G.P.A. can be calculated for international applicants if the transcripts indicate number of credit hours. If transcripts do not indicate credit hours, a weighted GPA is not calculated. Please note to weight a GPA, all grades must include credit hours.  If only some of the grades include credit hours, then the calculation should not be weighted.

In some instances, a grading scale may be indicated on the official transcript. If this is the case, this scale should be used; if this is not the case, the scale suggested on the web page referred to above should be used. This scale should only be used if found on the original language transcripts.

If an international transcript provides letter grades for a student, similar to those found in North America (e.g., A, B, C, etc,) these grades would be considered equivalent to the same University of Manitoba grade.  For example, an A would be equal to an A, a B to a B, etc.

In cases where the conversion scales for GPA can not be divided onto a 4.5 scale (i.e. include pluses, such as A+. B+, C+. Etc), please convert the final GPA out of 4.0 to the equivalent out of 4.5. I.e.: x/4.0 = y/4.5. This calculation will be used to determine whether the applicant is eligible to receive the International Graduate Student Entrance Scholarship only. This conversion is not used to determine admissibility of an applicant.

Please refer to the sample transcripts found on the Examples of Calculating International GPA’s for further examples of G.P.A. calculations.

If a country is not listed on the Criteria for International Applications page, or the grading system does not match the transcripts being evaluated, please contact a Student Admissions Assistant in FGS for further direction.