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Degree(s) Offered Pre-Master's

Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.
Animal Science M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
Anthropology M.A. ·  Ph.D.  
Applied Health Sciences Ph.D.  
Architecture M.Arch.  

Biochemistry and Medical Genetics M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
Biological Sciences M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
Biomedical Engineering M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
Biosystems Engineering M.Sc. ·  M.Eng. ·  Ph.D.  

Canadian Studies
(Université de Saint-Boniface)
Chemistry M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
City Planning M.C.P.  
Civil Engineering M.Sc. ·  M.Eng. ·  Ph.D.  
Classics M.A.  
Collaborative PhD Ph.D.
Community Health Sciences M.Sc. · M.P.H. · Ph.D.  
Computer Science M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  

Design and Planning (Architecture) Ph.D.  
Disability Studies M.A. ·  M.Sc.  

Economics M.A. ·  Ph.D.  
Education M.Ed. · Ph.D.  
Éducation (Université de Saint-Boniface) M. en Éd.  
Electrical and Computer Engineering M.Sc. ·  M.Eng. ·  Ph.D.  
English, Theatre, Film, & Media M.A. ·  Ph.D.  
Entomology M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
Environment and Geography M.Env. ·  M.Sc.  

Finance M.Fin.  
Fine Art M.F.A.  
Food Science M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
French, Spanish and Italian M.A. ·  Ph.D.  

Genetic Counselling M.Sc.  
Geography M.A. · Ph.D.  
Geological Sciences M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
German and Slavic Studies M.A.  

History M.A. ·  Ph.D.  
Human Anatomy and Cell Science M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
Human Nutritional Sciences M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
Human Rights M.H.R.  

Immunology M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs M.A. ·  M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
Interior Design M.I.D.  

Kinesiology and Recreation Management M.A. ·  M.Sc.  

Landscape Architecture M.L.Arch.  
Law LL.M.  
Linguistics M.A. ·  Ph.D.  

Management M.B.A. ·  M.Fin. ·  M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
Mathematics M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
Mechanical Engineering M.Sc. ·  M.Eng. ·  Ph.D.  
Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
Medicine MD/M.Sc. ·  MD/Ph.D.  
Microbiology M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
Music M.Mus.  

Native Studies M.A. ·  Ph.D  
Natural Resources Management M.N.R.M. ·  Ph.D.  
Nursing M.N. ·  Ph.D.  

Occupational Therapy M. O.T.  
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery M.Dent.  
Oral Biology M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
Orthodontics M.Sc  

Pathology M.Sc.  
Peace and Conflict Studies M.A. ·  Ph.D.  
Pediatric Dentistry M.Dent.  
Periodontics M.Dent.  
Pharmacology and Therapeutics M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
Pharmacy M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
Philosophy M.A.  
Physical Therapy M.P.T.  
Physician Assistant Studies M.P.A.S.  
Physics and Astronomy M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
Physiology and Pathophysiology M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
Plant Science M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
Political Studies M.A.  
Prosthodontics M.Sc.  
Psychology and School Psychology M.A. ·  Ph.D.  
Public Administration M.P.A.  

Rehabilitation Sciences M.Sc.  
Religion M.A. ·  Ph.D.  

Social Work M.S.W. ·  Ph.D.  
Social Work - Indigenous Knowledges M.S.W.  
Sociology and Criminology M.A. ·  Ph.D.  
Soil Science M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
Statistics M.Sc. ·  Ph.D.  
Surgery M.Sc.  


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