Graduate Application Process Overview


1. Applicant Contacts Unit Directly
2. Applicant Submits Application
3. Unit Responds to Applicant
4. Note*

1. Applicant Contacts Unit Directly

Potential applicants are advised to contact the specific unit for information specific to their program.  This could include, but is not limited to, application information, unit deadlines, document requirements and space availability in the program.

2. Applicant Submits Application

Upon receiving the unit specific information, applicants can apply online using Radius. Upon receipt of the online application and application fee, FGS will process the application and update the applicants' online checklist; which indicates if any documents are outstanding. The applicant will receive an email indicating their file is complete once all the application materials are marked as received.

3. Unit Responds to Applicant

Upon notification of the electronic application package, the department then determines whether they may or may not be able to accommodate the applicant. 

Unit Rejects Application

At this point, if the Department cannot accommodate the applicant (for example, there is no funding or supervisor available), the Department may choose to inform the student that there are not sufficient resources to consider their application and must fill out the ‘Department Recommendation’ section in UMGradConnect and indicate ‘Reject’ in AppReview. The Department has the option to customize the rejection letter in AppReview either with pre-defined comments and/or by entering a custom reason.

Unit Accepts Application

At this point, if the Department determines that they may be interested and can accommodate the applicant, the following procedures should be set into motion:

1. The Department should check to see that all required documentation is received and that the applicant meets the minimum requirements for admission into the FGS. A list of all documents required by the Faculty of Graduate Studies can be found on our website. If an application does not contain all the necessary documentation the Department has two options. First, the Department can make a recommendation with the documents that are available, by indicating ‘Accept’ in AppReview, FGS will then contact the applicant for the outstanding items. Second, the Department can contact the applicant directly to remind them of the required documentation and wait to send in the recommended to the Faculty of Graduate Studies upon completion. If the Department has any further questions regarding documentation requirements, they should contact the appropriate Student Admissions Assistant at FGS.

2. Once an application is considered complete, the Department should conduct a preliminary assessment of the application. This includes determining whether or not the applicant scored higher than a 3.0 (B) or equivalent in the last two years of study. For further instructions on preliminary assessments, please see Tips for Calculating International GPA’s and refer to the Criteria for International Applications web page. At this point, confirmation of whether a university is a recognized institution may not be necessary, however, if an institute seems suspect please contact the appropriate Student Admissions Assistant at FGS if you have any questions.

After the preliminary assessment is completed, the Department Head/Chair or designate will complete the Reviewing Pane in AppReview and indicate a Final Recommendation (to admit or reject), which is automatically forwarded on to FGS for final processing. If an application is recommended for admission, the recommendation must be electronically submitted to FGS via AppReview prior to the deadlines indicated in the Academic Guide. Recommendation deadlines can also be found on our website. Please note: if a student does not submit all required documentation but the Department is ready to make a final recommendation for admission, a recommendation can be sent to FGS who will then proceed to gather the remaining missing documents. However, please be warned that this may take some time and in some cases admission may be delayed.

4. NOTE*

*FGS will process and scan, when applicable, all application documentation as they are received and will not be pre-screening applications to ensure that they meet the minimum Faculty requirements. However, applications will not be considered until both an application form and acceptable fee have been received.