Faculty Advisor Payroll Info

How to Access Your Paystub through VIP and JUMP  &  How to Read Your Paystub (pdf)How to Access Your T4 through VIP and JUMP

Rates, Banking Info, Tax Info, & CPP

 Changes in Personal or Bank Information

  • Please ensure that your personal information (i.e. address, emergency contact, change of name, etc.) is updated on Employee Self Service. This is accessible through JUMP. If your banking information has changed, notify us immediately. NOTE: Payments for payroll (and travel reimbursements as applicable) are all made through direct deposit to your bank.

Personal Tax Credit Return – TD1
    Complete these forms if:
       1. You are a new Faculty Advisor and:
                    - you wish to claim more than the Basic Personal Amount
                    - you wish to increase the amount of tax deducted at source.
                      (Additional tax to be deducted on Federal form.)
                      Please note that this is a dollar amount, not a percentage of gross wages and
                      if you choose this option, the same amount of additional tax will be taken
                      each pay period whether it is a one week or two week pay period.

      2. You are a returning Faculty Advisor and you want to make a change to the information provided to Payroll Services regarding your TD1 amounts.

   Do not complete these forms if:

      1. you wish to only claim the Basic Personal Amount

  • If you choose to complete these forms, please forward by mail or fax to:
    University of Manitoba Payroll Services
    Room 403 Admin Bldg
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2
    Fax: 204-474-7507

CPP (Canada Pension Plan)

  • If you are receiving payments from the Canada Pension Plan, deductions for CPP will still be made from your University of Manitoba payroll unless you are 70 years of age. If you are least 65 years of age, you can opt out of this deduction by submitting a CPT30 form which is found on the Canada Revenue Agency website.