Self Declaration Information for Newly Admitted Students

All newly admitted students (students admitted for September 2020) must submit:

NOTE: Documents MUST be dated March 15, 2020 or newer. Any form dated prior to March 15, 2020 is considered stale-dated and is NOT acceptable.

Ideally, forms must be submitted no later than June 30 for registration to occur. As this can be a lengthy process we strongly recommend you act on this immediately, if you have not already done so.

Submission of Self Declaration Form, Criminal Record Check (including VS screening) and Child Abuse Registry check during office closure

While Manitoba remains in a state of emergency, you may find it difficult to obtain the Criminal Record Check (VS screening) and the Child Abuse Registry Self-Check.
Both the Winnipeg Police Services and the Manitoba Child Abuse Registry Office offer an online option:

Manitoba Child Abuse Registry:

Winnipeg Police Services:
(must include Vulnerable Sector screening. Do not use non-police force service) 

Due to Covid-19 impacts such as the closures of rural police detachments and the University’s decision to offer classes via Remote Learning for Fall term classes, for this year only, we will permit students to register who have not yet been able to obtain and submit their Criminal Record Check (with VS screening) and their Child Abuse Registry check. However, all students must have submitted their completed Self-Declaration form to continue with registration.

The CAR and CRC documents remain important required documents for professional studies in Education, as per your provisional admission offer. The deadline for these documents to be received in our office is October 1, 2020. If we do not have your CAR and CRC documents on file by this date we will withdraw you from all courses, including practicum.

Once you have received your forms you can choose to wait until our offices are, once again, open to the public and bring them to the office or you can choose to mail them to our office. However, you should keep in mind that the mail service may have slower than normal delivery times.

In the meantime, please print the Self Declaration form, complete it and mail it to the address below.
The forms can be mailed to:

Faculty of Education – Admissions Coordinator
Student Services
Room 203 - Education Building
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba   R3T 2N2

These admission documents are subject to the same rules as other documents and your admission could be revoked if not provided in time to register.

Originals of the Child Abuse Registry Self-Check and the Criminal Record Search must be submitted to Student Services, Faculty of Education (Room 203 Education Building) where they will be verified and copied. All originals are returned to the student. As these are legal documents we will NOT provide a copy of the photocopy at a later date for other purposes.

Child Abuse Registry:

Criminal Records Check:
Winnipeg Police Department (
local law enforcement agency,
or local RCMP detachment