Upgrading Courses

Students who do not meet our high school requirements or are missing prerequisite courses may upgrade their courses through the University of Manitoba.

Grade 12 Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics
The University of Manitoba offers Math, Chemistry and Physics Skills courses in Extended Education which provide students with the necessary background to continue with university level math and science coursework. These skills courses are non-credit courses offered in the fall, winter, spring and summer terms.

Note: This course may not be used as an admission requirement to the University of Manitoba.

Grade 12 Biology
Students who require a Grade 12 level biology will be allowed to register for the non laboratory introductory biology course that may be used as a substitute for the grade 12 biology course. Please contact the Faculty of Science for more information.

Note: You may take these preparatory courses simultaneously with other university courses as long as they do not require the area you are studying as a prerequisite.

Grade 12 English
The Department of English offers two preliminary-level English courses for students who do not have Grade 12 English or who wish to upgrade their English skills:

Note: These are both 3 credit hour courses, but they may not be accepted toward all degree program or used for a Major or Minor in English.

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