Faculty & Staff

Michael Minor
Instructor - Writing Skills
Inner City Social Work Program

University of Manitoba
Adjunct Fellow
St. John’s College
Phone: 204-474-6097
Email: Michael.Minor@umanitoba.ca

Originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario with strong ties to Peterborough and St. John’s, Michael is a cis-het white man teaching and studying the resistance of settler-colonial violence through literatures. He is pursuing further education in Social Work to bridge the divide between his training in the humanities and the professional faculty for which he teaches. He is also a poet and songwriter, living in Winnipeg with his partner and their children. His first book of poetry, Learning to Love a River, is published by Signature Editions.

2016 Ph.D., English, University of Manitoba
2011 M.A., English Language and Literature, Memorial University of Newfoundland
2008 B.A.H., English Literature and Politics, Trent University

Areas of Specialization:
Writing skills and composition
Decolonization through Indigenous literature |
Points of connection between decolonial artistic movements
Performance Poetry
Newfoundland Poetry