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Awards & Bursaries

Part-time Program: Students must find their own funding. Usually students in this program will pay for their program from personal sources as they take classes. They can though, apply for a part-time student loan through Canada Student Loans or through other sources, ie. bank, band, Voc Rehab, MPI, and their employer.

Full-time Program: Students must find their own funding. They can apply for example: a student loan, band funding, personal funds, student line of credit from a Credit Union or Bank, Compensation Board, Vocational Rehabilitation, Employment and Income Assistance, Manitoba Public Insurance, scholarships, *L.L.P. Lifelong Learning Program (RRSP) etc. If students are taking out a full-time student loan, they may qualify for an **ACCESS Bursary. This is part of the student loan that they do not have to repay. ACCESS Bursaries are determined based on availability and need.

*L.L.P. Lifelong Learning Program (RRSP) Allows you to withdraw amount from your RRSP to finance education. You do not have to include the withdrawn amount in your income and the RRSP issuer will not withhold tax on these amounts. You have to repay these withdrawals to your RRSP over a period of no more than 10 years.

**ACCESS BURSARY: Our program receives a limited number of ACCESS Bursary spots from the government. An ACCESS Bursary does not need to be repaid. An ACCESS Bursary is as follows:

1. Student must apply for a student loan.
2. Student loans are broken down into two sections - 60% Canada Student Loan
and 40% Manitoba Student Loan.
3. When you receive an ACCESS Bursary, it replaces the Manitoba portion of the Student Loan and exceeds the 40% up to your assessed financial need, as determined by Student Financial Assistance.

You are responsible for finding and arranging your finances, though we will help guide you. If you are currently on social assistance, and have been for at least six (6) months, you will probably qualify for SASAR (Study Assistance for Social Allowances Recipients), which means you can remain on S.A. while taking classes here and get a student loan for books, tuition, daycare and transportation.

You will need to budget your monies to be sure you can keep up with payments while attending classes. University will not release your grades and you cannot register for the next term if you have outstanding tuition fees.

MANITOBA BURSARY: if you received the maximum CSL and MSL you can then apply for a Manitoba Study Assistance Bursary. This does NOT have to be paid back.

CANADA STUDY GRANTS: If you have children or other dependents, and can demonstrate financial need in excess of $275 per week in combined federal and provincial loans, you may be eligible for a Canada Study Grant.

CANADA STUDENT LOAN: Payments are to begin 6 months after you either graduate or leave the program. Interest begins accruing immediately upon leaving the program.

MANITOBA STUDENT LOAN: Payments are to begin 6 months after you either graduate or leave the program. You receive 6 months interest-free.

CANADA MILLENNIUM SCHOLARSHIP: Manitoba Student Financial Assistance Program applicants will automatically be considered for this award. This award will be applied directly to CSL/MSL debt.

In May 1996 student financial assistance branch implemented the following new policy: if you have a spouse/partner and a child over 12 months of age, student financial assistance branch expects the spouse/partner to be employed and making at least minimum wage. Otherwise they will deduct this amount from your assessment.

Please note:

If you feel you were not assessed fairly, you can always appeal the assessment.

If your circumstances change anytime after applying for your loan, you must outline your changes to student aid and request that they reassess you.