Program Information

Part-time Program
This off-campus program leads to a University of Manitoba, Bachelor of Social Work degree. In the part-time program, students at the Inner City Social Work Program, take the same courses as others in the Faculty of Social Work. Part-time students complete 18 credit hours per year. A total of 123 credit hours must be completed to graduate with a B.S.W. degree. This program model is planned to take 6 years. There is however, some flexibility for students to proceed more quickly, once the foundation courses are completed.

The University of Manitoba, Bachelor of Social Work degree is recognized across Canada. Classes are small, usually having between 22 and 25 students. Students who start together, generally take classes together throughout the six years of the program.

Depending on demand, intake may occur yearly or every other year.
The ICSWP offers additional supports to students to prepare for university studies and to enhance success. These include writing courses, tutoring, academic advising and personal counselling.

Part-Time Class Schedule:
First term only: Spring/Summer classes: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.
All Fall/Winter classes: Wednesday and Saturday.
All subsequent Spring/Summer classes: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

The part-time program was designed for people who are already working in a social services field, have significant work and/or volunteer experience and are looking to attain a B.S.W. on a part-time basis. The ICSWP, part-time program is looking for students who are ready for both the academics and the stresses of university, while working, and who will be suitable social workers. If you did not finish Grade 12, or have been out of school for a while, upgrading is recommended before you apply.

Eligibility for Part-time Program
You may be eligible if you:

  • are 21 years of age or older by the start of studies
  • are a resident of the City of Winnipeg at the time of application 
  • have inner-city or similar experience
  • have < 27 credit hours of university level education 
  • are low income 
  • are currently employed by a social service agency in Winnipeg, or by an Indigenous child welfare agency
  • have a minimum of 2 years Canadian employment in the social/human/health care services field, or 3 years of extensive Canadian volunteer work with one year of relevant Canadian employment
  • demonstrate suitability for the social work profession
  • It is recognized that life experiences of applicants may include recovery from addictions (i.e. drug, alcohol, gambling, etc.). The program requires that a person be addiction/ substance free for a minimum of 3 years and have a sponsor or other established addiction support network.

Application Process
Applications are not available on-line and are available when you attend one of the monthly information sessions, that begin in October of each year. Among the pieces of information required are three references, one from your employer plus two personal references. Applications are reviewed for eligibility and professional suitability. People who are offered admission must submit an official Adult Criminal Record Check AND a Child Abuse Registry Check.

NOTE: A criminal conviction or registration as an offender on the Child Abuse Registry will not necessarily be considered a negative factor in the selection process. However, if the applicant’s criminal record check identifies that the applicant has a criminal conviction or is registered on the Child Abuse Registry as an offender, the applicant will be required to participate in a personal interview. Please note, a juvenile record does not constitute an adult criminal record.

How to Apply
For complete information and to receive an application form, please attend an information session.
Deadline for Applications: February 1st, at 5:00 pm

We do not accept late applications.




Outreach information sessions will also be occurring at interested community agencies/organizations.

Watch for up and coming notices in your community.