Neuropharmacology & Neurodegenerative Disorders
Current Topics:
  • How does cellular calcium regulation change in Alzheimer’s Disease and diabetes?
  • What are the mechanisms of synaptic plasticity and how do they translate into learning and memory?
  • How is synaptic plasticity and its impact on animal behaviour altered in neurodegenerative disorders?
  • What is the role of the DNA repair enzyme PARP in stroke and Multiple Sclerosis?
  • What are the mechanisms of nerve degeneration in types 1 and 2 diabetes?
  • How are adenine nucleotide levels regulated in normal brain and in cerebral ischemia?
  • What is the structure and function of the blood brain barrier?
  • How do astrocytes participate in synaptic function and cerebral blood flow regulation?
  • What is the role of astrocyte D-serine in neuronal injury in stroke and trauma?
  • Are adenosine receptors viable therapeutic targets for CNS inflammation in Multiple Sclerosis?
  • Can MRI imaging protocols be developed for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease?

Faculty Involved:

 Ben Albensi, Ph.D.
 Chris Anderson, Ph.D.
  Paul Fernyhough, Ph.D.
 Gordon Glazner, Ph.D.
 Michael F. Jackson, Ph.D.
 Sachin Katyal, Ph.D.
 Tiina Kauppinen, Ph.D.
 Frank LaBella, Ph.D.
 Melanie Martin, Ph.D.
 Don Miller, Ph.D.
 Jun-Feng Wang, Ph.D.