Bachelor of Human Ecology: Family Social Sciences Undergraduate Program
The Family Social Sciences Program has undergone administrative and program restructuring.  Admissions to the program have been suspended, and there will be no further admissions after January 2019.

Students interested in the field of family social sciences are encouraged to apply to the Bachelor of Health Studies (BHSt), a degree program within the Interdisciplinary Health Program (IHP), Rady Faculty of Health Sciences. This program integrates both social sciences and health sciences concepts, and can provide a foundation for students who wish to gain access to related careers or specialized programs in health and the social sciences.  

The Bachelor of Health Studies (BHSt) degree program has three specialized concentrations: Family Health; Health Policy, Planning and Evaluation; and Health Promotion and Education. 

The content from the former Family Social Sciences program (FMLY courses) is now housed within the Family Health Concentration of the Bachelor of Health Studies (BHSt) degree program.

Please visit the website of the BHSt program for program planning and program summaries at (

A complete listing of Family Studies / Family Social Sciences (FMLY) courses is available in the University of Manitoba Undergraduate Calendar.

For additional information please contact the student advisors at