UMIH Graduate Fellowship

The University of Manitoba Institute for the Humanities is pleased to announce the UMIH Graduate Fellowship. An annual fellowship valued at up to $5000.

Tasheney Francis is a graduate student in the Department of Linguistics, in the Faculty of Arts. Her passion for education and communication landed her certification in teaching at the University of the West Indies, where she obtained a First Class Honours in Linguistics and Language Education, followed by a Masters of Philosophy in Linguistics. She has taught the English Language, Literature, Linguistics and different aspects of Communication at various institutions, in various fields, to people of different backgrounds and on different platforms. As a linguist, she became a translator and a voice (talent) for Jamiekan translation projects, including the Jamiekan Nyuu Testiment and the Jamaican Bilingual Education Project that was done in association with the Ministry of Education. She has also worked in the creative arts, particularly with young people. In fact, her first visit to Canada was to offer specialized training to young people in social development through speech and drama, which she still does and enjoys doing. Her research interests include, but are not limited to, communicative patterns and discourse structure.

We wish last year's Fellow, Ifeoluwa Adeniyi, well with her research and future endeavours.