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This Glossary is intended to assist amateur archaeologists endeavouring to use technical reports. The definitions represent the meanings understood and shared by the majority of the archaeological community.

Being an interdisciplinary study, archaeology makes heavy use of terms borrowed from other fields of study such as biology, ecology, geology and botany. As it would be impossible to incorporate full glossaries of these sciences, only some of the more commonly-used terms are included.

The entries are fully cross-referenced. Headwords appear in bold face and words within the definition which also appear in this type style are defined elsewhere in their most common form.

Compound terms consisting of a noun and a preceding adjective are generally listed alphabetically under the keyword or noun. For example, "channel flake" is defined under the "flake" heading.

Terms which have more than a single meaning have numbered definitions, beginning with the most common and proceeding to the more obscure.

Standard English spelling is used throughout, except in those cases where American is more generally used. Foreign words and phrases are underlined.

For additional definitions of terms borrowed from other disciplines, the reader is directed to dictionaries peculiar to those disciplines.

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