Diploma Courses

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ENTM 0610 Beekeeping
An introduction to the beekeeping industry in Manitoba. It runs from mid-January through March on Wednesday evenings. The course deals with the nature of beekeeping; the life history, anatomy, and social behaviour of bees; economics; how to manage colonies of bees; equipment and site selection; pollen and nectar producing plants; nectar flows; seasonal management; pests, parasites diseases and their control; regulations; honey houses; extracting equipment; and grading and marketing honey and beeswax. Students will write a paper on alfalfa leafcutter bee industry. For interested students, there is one optional “hands-on” session at the University apiary in April. Offered every year. Credit hours 2. Winter term. Lectures: Wednesday 7.00-9.30 PM. Instructors R. W. Currie, D. Ostermann, R. Lafrèniere.
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ENTM 0620 Pest Management and Farm Insects
The focus of this course is on how to apply an integrated pest managmenent approach to a variety of different agricultural systems. The course covers: the principles of insect pest management in livestock systems, cropping systems and storage systems; insecticide groups, insecticide use and pesticide safety; and the integration of chemical, cultural and biological controls to control pests under a variety of management systems. Characteristics, damage and identification; life histories and control of common Manitoba livestock, field, and farmyard insects are included. The application of the principles of pest management to weeds and plant diseases is discussed. Offered every year. Credit hours 4. Fall term. Lectures: MWF 9.30–10.20 AM. Laboratory Tu 11.30 AM – 1.00 PM or Th 2.30 – 4PM. Instructor: K. Rochon
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