Looking for Work?

Have you heard the expression “looking for work is a full time job?”  It's true, and Career Services is here to help!

Are you an international student? Click here for specific employment information for International students studying in Canada.

Δ STEP 1: Know what job you want

 The first step in finding a job is knowing what job you want. 

Δ STEP 2:  Market Yourself

The next step in finding employment is preparing a resumé (or curriculum vitae) and cover letter that will introduce and market your skills to prospective employers.

Δ STEP 3: Look for Jobs

When you have completed your job search documents, you can start to look for opportunities.

Δ STEP 4: Get the Job! 

Now that you know where to find and how to apply for positions, you need to be ready to talk to potential employers about yourself in an interview.

Δ STEP 5: Succeeding in the World of Work 

Congratulations – you’ve found a job! This section contains information about the workplace, employer expectations and employee responsibilities and rights.

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