How UMREF Works

Structured as an umbrella fund within the University Investment Trust (UIT), the University of Manitoba Retirees Endowment Fund (UMREF) includes a variety of awards. These include scholarships, bursaries, research awards and prizes.  Any type of fund held in the UIT may be included under the UMREF umbrella.  Retirees who have existing endowment funds within the UIT may opt, without any change to the existing Terms of Reference of their award, to include it as part of UMREF.  Doing this would allow UMRA to demonstrate the volume of support that retired faculty and staff contribute to insure students achieve their educational objectives.

All funds listed on this website are managed by the University Investment Trust (UIT).  Donors receive annual reports of the performance of their individual funds.

The Endowment Fund Committee monitors the performance of the umbrella fund and reports to the UMRA membership at its Annual General Meeting. The Committee promotes contributions to already existing funds and the establishment of new endowed funds. The Committee keeps donors and retired faculty and staff informed of its activities through this website.

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