MCHP Data Access Process - Step 7 - Project Initiation
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Once all of the approvals and a completed Researcher Agreement are received at MCHP, they will begin the project initiation process, which includes the following:

  • contacting the PI / research team to confirm the data and analytic requirements before starting any processing. If necessary, a meeting will be arranged.
  • setting up an Accreditation session, if necessary.
  • allocating network/system access, space (virtual and physical) and setting up access as required from the proposal.
  • Depending on the arrangements for the project, MCHP will:
    • identify the MCHP analyst who will be working with the project team and communicate this information to the Principal Investigator (PI) (if required).
    • if a member of the project research team will be doing the analysis, this requires access to the MCHP secure network/analytic systems. An account will need to be setup and configured by completing the MCHP Computer Application/Access form and sending it to the MCHP Repository Access Unit (RAU) so the account can be set up.  NOTE: there is a system access fee associated with each user account.
    • extract the required data from the Data Repository and make it available to the project team in a secured location.
    • if the project is using non-Repository data, once the linkage/crosswalk data is received from MHSAL and the service data is received from the data provider, it will be uploaded to the MCHP secure network and made available to the project team.
    • complete the required analysis (if required).
  • The MCHP Finance Team will contact the Principal Investigator to discuss finances and determine the billing/payment arrangements for the project (see the section directly below for more details).

Financial Requirements and Billing/Payment Process

The following information describes the financial requirements and the billing/payment process used by MCHP for your research project:

  • A member of the MCHP Finance team will contact the PI to confirm the project billing information (e.g. U of M FOAP or payment information for externally funded projects).
  • Some projects have a set system access fee for use and access to the MCHP computer / analytic systems. This includes projects that have remote access or involve private sector / industry sponsored funding. This system access fee is invoiced once per year and is based on a system use agreement. This annual fee covers the back-end support required to maintain the Data Repository, computer systems, and network security. Sites or users without a predefined access fee are invoiced a system access fee for each project. Students are exempt from paying the system access fee.
  • Work that is completed by MCHP staff will be invoiced once every month for the hours they spend on the project during the prior month. The hourly rate is the current rate as identified in the current accreditation material - see Costs - Hourly Rate on page 14 of the Project Costs and Timelines module. There is a student rate for student-led projects. NOTE: The number of hours estimated, and project hours used, can be queried from either the analyst working on the project or Charles Burchill at any time.
  • If an invoice remains outstanding for more than a month, a reminder will be sent to the PI. If the invoice is not paid after two months, the project will be put on hold and MCHP will not perform any further work on the project. If three months or more has passed and the invoice is still not paid, the project will be archived and an invoice will be sent to the Dean or Unit Director of the PI. If the archived project is the only project associated with a researcher or analyst on our system then the userid will be locked. Projects may continue to have active approvals so the researcher can continue to write and publish manuscripts or complete presentations, but access to MCHP systems and analysis will be restricted.


The required tasks include:

  • Meeting with MCHP - a meeting will be arranged with MCHP to discuss and confirm the data and analytical requirements for your research project.
  • MCHP will Allocate Network/System Access, Space and Setup - MCHP will allocate network/system access, confirm accommodation/space requirements, and setup computer/access as required.
  • MCHP will Extract and Setup Access to Repository Data - MCHP will extract and setup access to the Repository data, as required.
  • MCHP will Setup Access to Project Specific data (if applicable) - if the project is using project specific data, MCHP will upload it and setup access to it.
  • MCHP Analyst Completes Analysis (if applicable) - if required, MCHP will complete the required analysis for the project.
  • Arrange Billing/Payment Method with MCHP Finance Team - the MCHP Finance team will contact the Principal Investigator to arrange the project billing/payment method.

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