Research Quality Management

The University of Manitoba has established policies and guidelines that protect participants and provide support to members of the research community on the conduct of research involving humans. University policies are transparent and members of the research community are accountable to such policies when leading and participating in research.

Quality of research is attained in part through collaborative educational and oversight activities.  Reporting to the Vice-President Research and International Office, the Research Quality Management (RQM) unit is part of the Office of Research Ethics and Compliance (OREC) team.  RQM assists the Research Ethics Boards (REBs) with post-approval oversight activities through consultation, site visit (audits) and meetings with researchers (Faculty members and students). RQM also provides support through facilitation of educational events.  Through collaboration with members of the research community, RQM helps support best practices in the conduct of research with humans.  


  • Educational activities promote safe and ethical conduct of research involving humans across all academic disciplines.     
  • Educational site visits (audits) involve a review of researcher practice at the research site.  This may include a review of researcher responsibilities and obligations as determined by federal regulations and international guidelines that govern the conduct of research involving humans.


  • RQM will meet with the Principal Investigator and members of the research team to better understand the site-specific activities involved in the conduct of a study and whether institutional policies, international research guidelines and federal regulations are being met.  Site visit (audit) findings are translated into positive learning opportunities.


  • Ongoing review and evaluation of the RQM program is sought through regular reporting to the VPRIO, consultation with the research community, and formal review by university audit services.