A Brief History of the Department

The Department of Icelandic Language and Literature began with the appointment of a Chair in 1951.  This Chair came about in large part due to the North American Icelandic community’s support and donations to an Endowment Fund.  With the Endowment Fund, the University of Manitoba agreed to teach Icelandic courses and established a Professorship in Icelandic Language and Literature for that purpose. Throughout its 60+ history, the department has had a number of distinguished researchers and educators fill the role of head of department and/or chair of Icelandic Studies.

Dr. Finnbogi Gudmundsson was the first Chair of Icelandic from 1951 to 1956

Mr. Haraldur Bessason -1956 to 1987

Dr. Kirsten Wolf -1988 to 2000

Dr. David Arnason - Acting Head of the Department from 2000 to 2006

Dr. Birna Bjarnadóttir, Chair 2003-2015

Mr. Peter John Buchan - Acting/Head 2015-present

The Department recognizes its commitment to the Icelandic community in North America by actively promoting the study of North American-Icelandic culture and the role of the Icelandic community within this framework.

Haraldur Bessason
Haraldur Bessason