C.A.S.T. Research in Residence Program
Research in Residence image
Building the Unbuildable, Emmanuel Jannasch. Photo: Laina Brown

The Research in Residence Program at C.A.S.T. is awarded to individuals coming to the Faculty of Architecture to pursue their own independent focused research. Appointments are made for a minimum of one semester to a maximum of one year.

The main focus of the Researcher in Residence program is to facilitate and promote new explorations in materials and assemblies; experiments with building techniques; devise and test prototypes; study the limits and potential of natural laws; investigate sustainable practices; cultivate Indigenous modes of making; and collaborate in the rigorous play of imagination.

C.A.S.T. supports both discipline-specific and cross-disciplinary research that advances knowledge, promotes creativity, and supports innovation in teaching. C.A.S.T. seeks to promote research benefiting students, researchers, industry, the public and our planet.

 Click here to see the open call for proposals for the Research in Residence Program.

Please send inquiries to C.A.S.T. coordinator Liane.Veness@umanitoba.ca