In the role of Faculty Specialist: Experiential Learning, Rebecca consults one-on-one and in collaborative groups with faculty members and sessional instructors to support the experiential learning goals of their courses. This includes providing guidance and resources for incorporating experiential activities and critical reflection within courses and programs. Rebecca also conducts workshops on experiential learning topics, and enjoys integrating new learning from the vast diversity of experiences that colleagues share.

Rebecca also collaborates with faculties and departments on initiatives involving experiential learning to support knowledge exchange and common understanding of EL endeavours across the campus community. Through their work in the EL portfolio, Rebecca is committed to centring the voices and insights needed to further Reconciliation and inclusivity on campus and beyond.


Rebecca began their journey with experiential learning as a teenager, teaching and performing ballet, jazz, and musical theatre at a local performing arts school in Winnipeg. This start turned into a lifelong fascination with the interplay between intentional experience and critical reflection in enhancing personal and professional development. After obtaining their B.Ed., Rebecca taught in K-12 and at a private vocational college, emphasizing the importance of “soft skills” such as critical thinking, creative problem solving, and emotional intelligence as competencies that deepen and endure across an individual’s career and life. 

For the last seven years, Rebecca held various leadership positions at the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology, including Director of the Centre for Learning and Innovation where they led faculty development, program development, and quality assurance activities. As Dean of Academic Programs, their team implemented the first institution-wide LMS and rapidly supported faculty and students in experientially-heavy programming adapt to blended and remote learning during the pandemic. 

Outside of work, Rebecca can be found hanging out with their children, playing with Maybe the family puppy, enjoying coffee and conversation with friends, and reading.

Pronouns: (they/them/theirs)


M.Ed., B.Ed., B.A.