Meet Our Researchers

Dr. Søren Rysgaard, the University of Manitoba’s Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Arctic Geomicrobiology and Climate Change is uncovering the secrets of global climate change deep within Arctic ice. Appointed in 2010, he leads a team of more than 100 researchers and graduate students from the University’s Centre for Earth Observation Science (CEOS) in the Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources who are committed to learning the causes and consequences of global warming. Rysgaard is an internationally renowned geomicrobiologist from the Greenland Climate Research Centre.

The CERC team is collaborating and studying together in new state-of-the-art research facilities. The Nellie Cournoyea Arctic Research Facility is home to specialized labs and classrooms. The Sea-Ice Environmental Research Facility – the first experimental sea ice facility in Canada – allows scientists to make and grow sea ice under controlled conditions. It provides them with a better understanding of how sea ice lives and breathes and how it is directly linked to the phenomenon of climate change.

In 2012, CEOS, along with the Greenland Climate Research Centre and the Arctic Research Centre in Denmark established the Arctic Science Partnership (ASP), thereby integrating academic and research initiatives. This new and extensive Greenlandic-Danish-Canadian research collaboration, brings together the world's leading Arctic climate scientists to form a consortium on climate, ice, ecosystems and human interactions across water, land and atmosphere.