Researcher - Dr. Gayle Halas
Rady Chair, Interprofessional Collaborative Practice

Research Interests:

Dr Halas’s research focuses on team-based primary health care, and the communication and interactions that enable collaborative practice, particularly for addressing complex needs and care. Her current research explores patient/public/caregiver experiences of team-based care, and transitions in care that are informed by stakeholder experiences and perspectives.

Accepting students:

I am interested in working with self-motivated, hard-working undergrad and graduate candidates.  If you are interested in pursuing a capstone project, or Masters/PhD thesis with an Interdisciplinary/Interprofessional lens, please email me at to discuss current available opportunities.


Individualized Interdisciplinary PhD (Educational Health Communication and Research) University of Manitoba

Master of Arts (Integrated Studies - Educational Studies Stream), Athabasca University

Diploma, Dental Hygiene, University of Manitoba

Fellowship in Transdisciplinary Understanding and Training on Research - Primary Health

Care (TUTOR-PHC), University of Western Ontario

Certification in Higher Education and Training, Post-secondary Education, University of Manitoba

Current Projects:

Virtual Visits and Management of Primary Care in a Pandemic Environment.

PIs: Halas G, Singer A.  Team: Katz A, Labine L, Kirby S, Wong S, Abrams E, Bohm E.

Funded by Research Manitoba COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant.

Evaluating Older Adult Care Continuums in Alberta and Manitoba: A comparative Analysis

PIs:  M Doupe; A Wagg; G Thompson; T Stewart; Team: H Campbell-Enns; G Halas; H Hoben; A Katz A Peckham; J Poss; C Anderson; C Grabusic; C Schlam; D Faulder; G Trinidad; H Forbes; K Weihs; L Dewar Dacombe; C Newman; G Geldart; I Crowther; L Hutton; L Mansell; W Sutton.

Funded by SPOR PIHCI Operating Grant, funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Manitoba Health, Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services, Winnipeg Health Region,

Co-Designing Relational Continuity Interventions for Urban Underserved Patients Experiencing Hospital-Primary Care Transitions

PI: G Salvalaggio. Team: Brown C; Green L; Halas G; Hyshka E; Lofters A; Montesanti S; Pinto A.

Bridge Funding from Northern Alberta Clinical Trials & Research Centre

Contingency Management and Group-Based Treatment Approaches for Methamphetamine Use Disorder

PIs: G Konrad. E Knight, Team: R Coish; G Halas, R Ariyagunarajah.

Funded by the University of Manitoba, Department of Psychiatry Academic Project Award

The Corona Virus Pandemic: Experiences of Patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes

PI:  L Avery. Team: A Shah; G Halas; J Dukas; S Udod.

Funded by the UM Manitoba Centre for Nursing and Health Research grant for nurses and the Fort Garry Legion Poppy Trust Fund Research Grant.

Understanding the Learning Needs of Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome: An Exploratory Study

PI: L Avery. Team: A Shah; B Bakulu; C Kuttnig; G Halas; J Dukas; S Rapko; S Udod.

Funded by St Boniface Hospital 2020 Nursing Research Endowment Fund Award.

Clinician-Patient Communication Interaction and Health Outcomes – A Scoping Review

PIs: LM Jenstad, G Halas, M-T Lussier;  Team: Abel J; Breau G; Colozzo P; Howe T; Lussier M-T; Matieschyn Z; McKenzie M; Ribrary U; Richard C; Rieger C; Thorne S; Werker JF; Froehlich R; Jamoulle O; Mason G; Potter J; Wetzel M;

Funded by: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Operating Grant: Pan Canadian SPOR Network in PIHCI - Knowledge Synthesis, University of British Columbia, Reseau-1, Research Manitoba

Interventions and Policies Influencing Primary Healthcare Professionals Managing Chronic Diseases: An Evidence Synthesis

PI: G Halas. Team: AP Gaudine; DM Goodridge; JM Edwards; J Lukewich; R Zarychanski; T Rotter;A. Singer; B. Temple; BF Chauhan; J. Soni; K. Kevinsen; K. Sibley; S. Asghari; T. Klassen

Funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Operating Grant: SPOR PIHCI Network – Knowledge Synthesis, College of Pharmacy, University of Manitoba, Research Manitoba.

iSTEP: An International Student Training and Exchange Project in Transitional Care

PIs: FF Jacobsen (Norway) and M Doupe (Canada)   Team: R Eidset, G Agnotes, R Berge, G Halas, TS Kittelsen, d Skwarchuk, JA Valdersnes, 

Funded by Diku – the Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education Partnership Program with North America, Manitoba Health, University of Manitoba

Screening for Poverty And Related social determinants and intervening to improve Knowledge of and links to resources (SPARK) Study

PIs: Pinto, Andrew D; Aubrey-Bassler, Kris F; Burge, Frederick I; Jackson, Lois A; Katz,

Alan; Muhajarine, Nazeem; Neudorf, Cordell; Robinson, Marjeiry.  Team: Allin, Sara; Bayoumi, Imaan; Bellaire, Jackie; Bhattacharyya, Onil; Bloch, Gary;; Blonde, Yvonne; Brcic, Vanessa; Clarke, Sharon V; Cooney, Jane; Damba, Cynthia; Garg, Arvin; Ghose, Snehlata; Gibson, Richard; Glazier, Richard H; Goel, Ritika; Gogan, Aisling; Goold, Susan; Gottlieb, Laura; Graham, Phil; Greenberg, Anna; Greiver, Michelle; Kanee, Marylin; Kiran, Tara; Kryzanowski, Julie; Lacetera, Nicola; Lees,

Mark; Lofters, Aisha K; Lohman, William; Mahood, Sally; Marshall, Emily G; Murphy, Lara; Nisenbaum, Rosane; Persaud, Navindra; Pham, Thuy-Nga; Purkey, Eva; Rayner, Jennifer; Roos, Noralou P; Schwandt, Michael; Shah, Avni M; Singer, Alexander G; Smith, Robert W; Thanos, Joanne; Ugolini, Cristina; Upshur, Ross E; Walji, Sakina; Webster, Fiona; Williams-Roberts, Hazel;

Co-knowledge User : Betker, Claire R; Burnside, Bruce; Jones, Arle; Policy Maker : Bennett-Abuayyash, Caroline; Edwards, Jeanette M; Sampalli, Tara.

Funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Operating Grant: SPOR PIHCI Network: Programmatic Grants, Prosper Canada, Centre for Urban Health Solutionm Doctors Nova Scotia, Research Manitoba, St. Michael's Hospital, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (The) (SHRF)

Selected Publications:

Singer A, Kosowan L, Katz A, Halas G, Ronksley P, McBrien K,  Williamson T. (2020). Characterizing Patients with High Use of the Primary and Tertiary Care Systems: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Health Policy. 124: 224-.

Enns JE, Holmqvist M, Wener P, Rothney J, Halas G, Kosowan L, Goertzen L, Katz A. (2019).

Interventions Aimed at Reducing Poverty for PrimaryPrevention of Mental Illness: A Scoping Review. Mental Health & Prevention. 15(200165): 1-9.

Kosowan L, Wener P, Holmqvist M, Gonzalez M, Halas G, Rothney J, Katz A. (2019). Physical Activity Promotion in Manitoba: Strengths, Needs, and Moving Forward. SAGE Open Medicine. 7. Published online.

Halas G,  Schultz A,  Rothney J, Wener P,  Holmqvist M,  Cohen B, Kosowan L, Enns J, Katz A. (2018). A Scoping Review of Foci, Trends and Gaps in a Decade of Tobacco Control Research. Nicotine & Tobacco Research. nty269: 1-17.

Lobchuk MM; Hoplock L; Halas G; West C ; Dika C; Schroeder W; Ashcroft T; Chambers Clouston K; Lemoine J. (2018). Heart health whispering: A randomized, controlled pilot study to promote student perspective-taking on carers' health risk behaviors. BMC Nursing. 17(21): 1-11.

Jordan S, McSwiggan J, Parker J, Halas GA, Friesen M. (2018). An mHealth App for Decision-Making Support in Wound Dressing Selection (WounDS): Protocol for a User-Centered Feasibility Study.JMIR Res Protoc. 7(4): e108.

Schultz A, Goertzen L, Rothney J, Wener P, Enns J, Halas G, Katz A,. (2017). A Scoping Approach to Systematically Review Published Reviews: Adaptations and Recommendations. Research Synthesis Methods. 9(1): 116-123.

Aery A, Rucchetto A, Pinto A, Singer A,  Halas G,  Bloch G, Goel R, Raza D, Upshur R,  Bellaire J, Katz A. (2017). Implementation and impact of an online tool used in primary care to improve access to financial benefits for patients: A study protocol. BMJ Open.7(10): e015947.

Enns JE; Holmqvist M; Wener P; Halas G; Rothney J;  Schultz; Goertzen L,Katz A. (2016). Mapping Interventions that Promote Mental Healthin the General Population: A Scoping Review of Reviews. Preventive Medicine. 87: 70-80.

Halas G, Styles C, Singer A, Katz A. (2015). A New Conceptual Model Reflecting EMR Implementation in Interprofessional Academic Family Medicine Clinics. Canadian Family Physician. 61(5): e232-239.

Roger K & Halas G. (2012). Building interdisciplinary qualitative research networks: Reflections on qualitative research group (QRG) at the University of Manitoba. The Qualitative Report. 17(1): 120-130.

Complete Scopus List:

Select Presentations:

"Pretty Radical From What I’ve Known": The Dissonance and Distance Underlying Patients’
Cognitive Engagement With Educational Health Information. Selected as Distinguished Presentation at North American Primary Care Research Group, Colorado Springs (2016), United States. Selected for a NAPCRG Travel award to present at Society for Academic Primary Care - 46th Annual Scientific Meeting (2017), Coventry, United Kingdom

Gayle Halas; Leah Goertzen; Janet Rothney; Annette SH Schultz; Pam Wener; Alan Katz. (2014). Mapping the Last Decade of Tobacco Control Literature Relevant to Primary Prevention Strategies: A Scoping Review. North American Primary Care Research Group Annual Meeting, New York, United States. Nov. 23, 2014

Gayle Halas; Beverley Temple; Alan Katz; Dieter Schonwetter. Receptiveness to Health Education and the Influence of Provider-Patient Communication. Poster presentation. North American Primary Care Research Group Annual Meeting. New York, United States. Nov. 22, 2014

Alan Katz; Leah Goertzen; Gayle Halas; Janet Rothney; Pam Wener; Annette SH Schultz. Workshop: Team Approaches for Creating a Foundation of Research: A Systematic Scoping Review of Reviews. North American Primary Care Research Group Annual Meeting. New York, United States. Nov. 22, 2014

Laura MacDonald and Gayle Halas on behalf of the Oral Systemic Health WG (L. Weinberg; D. Dunford; A. Schultz & B. Temple; L Glassford & S Lavigne; M Kristjanson; D Brothwell & R Atout;R Grymonpre. (2013). Building an IPE Partnership for Cross-disciplinary Curriculum Development. Manitoba Centre for Nursing and Health Research & Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Research Day, Winnipeg, Canada

Halas G, Styles C, Singer A, Katz A.(2013). A Newly Implemented EMR: Effects on Workflow and Communication in Family Practice Training. College of Family Physicians Family Medicine Forum -"Best of 2013 Research", Vancouver, Canada

Assistant Professor
Rady Chair, Interprofessional Collaborative Practice
Associate Research Director, Dept of Family Medicine
Co-Research Lead, Manitoba Primary and Integrated Healthcare Innovation  

P219-770 Bannatyne Ave. (Pathology Bldg)
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Phone: 204.977.5666