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Awards and Financial Aid

The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences offers numerous awards and bursaries to students enrolled in the programs offered by the Faculty.

Most awards and scholarships are presented on the basis of academic achievement. Students do not need to apply for most awards as all students in the Faculty are automatically considered for them.

IMPORTANT: There are some scholarships which require an application, letter of application and/or letters of reference. These scholarships are usually advertised in September of each year. Please watch your University email account for more information.

Bursaries are awarded on the basis of need as well as academic performance. Students can apply for the University of Manitoba General Bursary by applying online through their Aurora Student account. Completion of one application will qualify students for most bursaries offered by the Faculty.


To access the awards page, log into University of Manitoba UM Learn, using your username and password, and then select Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Awards from your list of courses. Information such the Terms of Reference, upcoming deadlines, external scholarships, etc. can be accessed through the Content Browser section. Awards currently open for competition can be found under the path Assessments/Assignments where you can see the due date and access the application form for each.

Applications should be sent through UM Learn. We no longer accept applications via email.

To publicly access the list and description of awards, please visit:

Faculty Awards Database (works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari; currently experiencing some issues in Internet Explorer)

There are also a number of general awards available through the University of Manitoba's main Financial Aid & Awards office. Check them out at:


Faculty Entrance Awards


External Awards in Agriculture



  • Please contact your department for application information.
  • UMGF info on the Faculty of Graduate Studies site (scroll to bottom of page)


NSERC - Undergraduate Student Research Award


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