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St John's College is the theological training institution for the Diocese of Rupert's Land in the Anglican Church of Canada. Historically, the college has offered a range of degree and diploma programs and today is in a partnership with Canadian Mennonite University to offer two classes a year in Anglican Studies. Click course availability for more information on offerings for the 2023-24 year and stay tuned for new offerings next year.

Course Availability

Sexual Orientation and the Nuptial Mystery

Details: Tuesday's between 6:30 - 9:30 

Class is being offered by St Margaret's Anglican 

Registration for this course is available now. Contact Ryan Turnbull for more information. 

Integral Ecology and Theologies of Solidarity

Instructor: Dr. Ryan Turnbull

Time: Thursday's, 6pm - 9pm 

Location: In person at St John's College 

Course Description: The climate crisis is an unavoidable pastoral concern in the church today. As the effects of anthropogenic climate change continue to increase in the coming years, increasingly the pastoral work of the 'cure of souls' is directly impacted by the intersecting crises of the climate crisis. This class will proceed in two parts. In the first half, students will be introduced to scholarship around the root causes of our current crisis with special attention given to the ideologies of alienation, that constitute the structure of this crisis. This will include a critical investigation of ideologies of race, colonialism, patriarchy, scientism, and property and their intersections with Christian theology. In the second part of the course, building on the idea of "integral ecology" as presented by Pope Francis in his landmark encyclical Laudato Si', students will be introduced to practices and movements of solidarity building to connect them to ideas, resources, and networks of resistance and resilience to inform their pastoral practice.

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Theology Course


April Food for the Journey

Join us on April 27th at 10am where we discuss "Godparents and Sponsors as soul friends on the journey of life," featuring Rev. Deacon Michelle Collins from MNO Synod. Entry is $15, attendees can RSVP below.

Education for Ministry

What is Education for Ministry (EFM)?

Bishop Geoff is calling us to be a discipleship church. One way of living into this reality is to become a people who are seeking to know more about the Gospel and our faith, undertaking continuous learning to find it. “Education for Ministry” is is a well known program for facilitating this learning.

This program is for lay people who want to grow deeper in their knowledge of the faith. Each week the group shares a common lesson on topics such as Spiritual autobiography or Theological Reflection. The other part of the meeting is sharing the planned reading that you have done during the week, highlighting things that challenge you, or delight you, or made you pause.

There is a year of Old Testament study, a year of New Testament study, a year of Church History, and finally a year of Theology, Ethics, Piety, and Ecumenical study.

There is a Reading and reflection Guide which sets out the readings week by week and a list of texts for each year. In addition, there are two books on topical subjects such as Truth and Reconciliation or Racism, or Climate Change that are read as a book club study 

The cost is $350.00/year plus the cost of the texts. 

Coordinator of the Program in Ruperts Land is Susan Roe-Finlay. 


Contact Susan here for more information.

Click here to register for the program. 

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