Upcoming Events

Join Rev. Helen Holbrook for the following events.

Recurring Events 

Morning Prayer: Every Tuesday & Thursday - 9:30am - 10:30am 

Communion Service: Every Wednesday - 11:30am - Noon 

Meditation: Every Friday - 11am - 11:30am, Choir Loft in SJC Chapel


Chapel of St John the Evangelist

Chapel of St John the Evangelist

The Chapel of St John is a space apart; it is a sacred space for students, staff, and faculty to step outside their regular routines for silence, prayer, meditation or music. It is always open, so please feel free to come and use the space, remembering to be respectful of others. If you’d like to book the chapel for a particular event, please see the chaplain’s information below. You are welcome here.

Booking the chapel

If you’re interested in booking the chapel for a concert, wedding, or other venue, please contact our events coordinator, David Plett, for information about dates and fees. He can be reached at David.Plett@umanitoba.ca.

The space is free for official university groups, but food and drinks must be purchased through the Daily Bread Café. The normal fee for outside groups to host an event, such as a wedding, is $400. If catering is ordered, however, that fee is waived.

Please note that the space is not a church and is not intended to be used by outside groups for regular, long term worship. If groups are found to be using the space without permission, not leaving the space as they found it, or disrespecting others who book it, they will be asked to leave permanently.