Section of Cardiac Surgery
The section of Cardiac Surgery at the University of Manitoba has been fully consolidated to the campus at St. Boniface General Hospital. Cardiac surgery is an integral component of the newly formed Cardiac Sciences Program (est. 2005), which includes cardiology, cardiac surgery, cardiac anaesthesia, cardiac critical care, and cardiac rehabilitation.

This full integration of the care of cardiac patients ensures that cardiac surgical trainees are immersed in topics of interest common to all the cardiac specialties mentioned, and that surgical trainees have opportunity to interact closely with their future colleagues in medicine anaesthesia and critical care.

The research component of the section of cardiac surgery has undergone dramatic change since 2006, supported by recruitment and a refocusing on academic excellence. There are tremendous opportunities for research participation amongst the students and surgical trainees. 

The cardiac surgical pre- and post-operative ward has a full complement of clinical and physician assistants to manage everyday patient issues in a setting of 24/7/365 responsibility. Hence, whenever students or house staff join our service, they receive an intensive educational experience. The 1200-1300 patients who move through the cardiac surgical program annually receive a full complement of cardiac surgical procedures, with the exception of cardiac replacement therapy. 

Section Head 

Dr. Rakesh C. Arora MD, PhD, FRCSC
Professor and Head, Cardiac Surgery
University of Manitoba

Administrative Assistant

Terri Hillier
CR3009–369 Tache Avenue
I.H. Asper Institute
St. Boniface Hospital
Winnipeg, MB  R2H 2A6
Telephone: 204-258-1078
Fax: 204-231-4624