Program Eligibility and Admission
The President’s Student Leadership Program seeks applications from students across the province who have shown impactful leadership in their community or student life. Participants will be committed to developing their collaborative leadership knowledge and skills to make positive changes in their environment.

Admission is based on a combination of the student’s leadership experience and potential. Applicants’ leadership experience to date might be formal, through a student or community leadership role, or informal, through having an important impact on others’ wellbeing or on an important issue for the community.

The primary benchmark for eligibility is a record and commitment in working effectively with others towards a common goal, being committed to others’ learning as well as your own, and being open and interested in learning from multiple perspectives and through experience.

The program seeks a balance of representation that reflects Manitoba’s diverse student body and across fields of study, regions of the province, and undergraduate and graduate students.
University of Manitoba students will make up 70% of the program spots, while 30% of the spots are reserved for applicants from other post-secondary institutions in the province. This year the program is open to students from all public post-secondary institutions in the province, including the University of Winnipeg, University College of the North, Red River College, Brandon University, Assiniboine Community College, Université de Saint-Boniface, and Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology. Students from French-language institutions are encouraged to apply, however, the program will continue to be conducted in English.

Applicants must:

  • Be enrolled in a post-secondary program at a public university or college in the province of Manitoba; and
  • Be at least halfway through their program but not in their graduating year;
    • Students in a two-year program should apply while in the second half of their first year of post-secondary study. Students in the process of transferring to a different program or post-secondary institution will also be considered
    • Students must be enrolled in a program that is minimum two years duration with the exception of 12-month masters programs. 
  • Be available to attend all portions of the program.

Candidates should demonstrate the following in their application:

  • Active commitment – a demonstrated ability to develop, reflect on and question your own perspectives through learning from multiple viewpoints.
  • Social skills – an ability to collaborate with and motivate others, work effectively in a team to achieve common understanding, express yourself in different situations and to different people, and listen and value others’ opinions, experiences and knowledge bases.
  • Initiative and imagination – the potential to recognize where change is needed and work with others to pursue it.
  • Intellectual curiosity – a genuine interest in learning about the world around you and ability to recognize details and understand the complexity of issues facing today’s society.
  • Motivation for the President’s program – passion, ability and serious incentive to actively engage in the program, including a plan for how you intend to use what you learn after program completion.